iOS 7 Rumors: What Changes Will Apple Make In The Final Version?

iOS 7 was released last week at Apple’s annual WWDC 2013 last week to much fanfare, but many are expecting some changes in the final version.

Last week, Apple only released the first beta version of iOS 7 last Monday, not the complete and final retail version. According to Apple executives who presided over the keynote address of WWDC 2013, Apple will be releasing the final version of iOS 7 “sometime in the fall” of 2013. But, news outlets notes that there could be some big changes between now and then.

ios 7 icons

The icons in iOS 7 have been highly controversial — but, luckily for Apple, not as controversial as the inclusion of Apple Maps in iOS 6. The general consensus indicates most journalists, developers, designers, and critics don’t really like the weird icons on iOS 7. They’ve been repeatedly referred to as “childish” and “immature,” as if iOS 7 was a rowdy middle schooler. Gizmodo even published an article that completely ripped apart the icon design in iOS 7.

But, according to The Next Web, the developers at Apple, led by Jony Ive, didn’t really collaborate when they were designing the operating system. In fact, there were separate design teams that focused on the icons and new features in iOS 7. There were even separate teams for different icons; so there was a dedicated Stocks team and a different Weather team. Many hypothesized that the segregation of developers led to the drastic design differences between the apps. But, The Next Web did say that Apple developers were still working hard on the mobile operating system, and that there were still big changes being made.

In addition, 9to5Mac reports that Apple — either accidentally or very quietly — published images of iOS 7 using some updated icons. Apple initially posted the pictures on their website, but 9to5Mac notes that Apple took the images down shortly later. You can see the images published above. The most obvious change to the icons was Weather, and now it looks like the weather app will finally display the weather in your area (at least the temperature)

Since most of the features and updates have been announced, its hard to predict if there are any other iOS 7 related rumors left to report, but if we hear anything we’ll let you know so stay tuned.

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