iPhone 5S Leaked Blueprints: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

iphone 5s
Just a week after iOS 7 was announced and subsequently released (in beta form) for developers, there are already new leaked blueprints and information about the iPhone 5S. Here’s what you need to know.

1. New Blueprints of the iPhone 5S and “iPhone Light” Leaked

iphone 5s rumors

The images above, as you can see, are blueprints that have been leaked to AppleInsider. The blueprint shows the dimensions of two potential Apple mobile devices: The iPhone Light, which is probably a cheaper version of the iPhone, and the iPhone 5S, Apple’s sequel to the iPhone 5 which was released in September. The dimensions for the iPhone 5S are very similar to the current design of the iPhone 5, but the “iPhone Light” looks a lot like the older iPhone’s, with a curved back instead the sharp edges we’ve grown accustomed to.

2. Accessory Manufactures Guessed What the new iPhones Would Look Like

iphone 5s rumors

According to Apple Insider, this leak is basically a concept image based on the blueprint. The image was created by a “well-known third-party case manufacturer,” and is relatively in line with other rumors about both the iPhone 5S and iPhone Light (let’s just call it “Lite” from now on). Apple Insider writes that many case-manufacturers are already preparing accessories for the iPhone Lite.

3. The iPhone 5S May Have a Fingerprint Scanner

iphone 5s rumors

The iPhone 5S is rumored to be a lot more secure than previous incarnations of the iPhone. iPhone theft has become a huge public relations disaster, so much so that the NYPD had to create a brand new division to combat iPhone theft. The rumored inclusion of a fingerprint scanner attached to the Home button could deter potential thieves. Obviously, a fingerprint scanner is a lot harder to crack a 4 digit passcode. Last year, Apple purchased AuthenTec, a fingerprint scanning company, in a multi-million dollar purchase, which spurred rumors regarding a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone.

4. The iPhone 5S Will Probably Come Out With iOS 7

Apple already said that iOS 7, the newest mobile operating system, will be released “sometime in the Fall.” Similar to the release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, Apple will probably use a similar schedule: announce the operating system, then release both a few months later. Not only does this let the company fine-tune iOS 7, but it gives Apple some breathing room if there are any supply or design issues with the iPhone 5S.

5. The iPhone 5S and “iPhone Light” Could Really Help Apple’s Bottom Line

With an operating system overhaul that’s gotten rave reviews, a more secure design, and increasing buzz surrounding the iPhone 5S, the upcoming device could be a real hit for Apple. Same goes for the iPhone Lite; the cheaper, plastic, version of the iPhone could be a huge hit in developing countries. The iPhone 5S can obviously be a big hit in the US, and have better sales figures than the iPhone 5 if Apple is able to include some innovative changes. A fingerprint scanner is definitely a step in the right direction.

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