Top 10 Android Games of June 2013


Looking for some new games to play on your Android device? Here are our Top 10 Android games of June. Hopefully you will discover some free games that you’ve missed or haven’t played before.

1. 4 Pics 1 Word


4 Pics 1 Word is a puzzle game created by developer Lotum. In 4 Pics 1 Word, players will see four images, and your task is to determine what the images have in common. Select letters to fill in the blank tiles. If you guess the right answer, you will be rewarded with coins to move onto the next level. You can download 4 Pics 1 Word from the Google Play Store here.

2. Jewels Star


Jewels Star is a diamond-matching game created by Caogia Mobile Ltd. In this fun and addicting game, players need to connect three or more matching jewels in order to clear the board. Use special jewels to clear an entire color off the board. Get extra bonuses and you can receive an extra life. With over 200 levels, players won’t get bored. You can download Jewels Star from the Google Play Store here.

3. Angry Bird Seasons


In Angry Bird Seasons, the birds are celebrating everything from Halloween, Chinese Moon Festival and St. Patrick’s Day to Easter. With more than 300 levels, and regular updates, these special episodes offer more challenges and tons of pig-popping action. See if you can discover the golden eggs. You can download Angry Bird Seasons from the Google Play Store here.

4. Drag Racing


If you love racing games, check out Drag Racing Free. Players can select from more than 50 different cars and personalize them with the garage option. For every race you win you will be given a cash award. Race online and compete against your friends in this this high-speed racing game. You can download Drag Racing from the Google Play Store here.

5. 3D Bowling


3D Bowling is one of the best bowling games in the Android market. The high-quality graphics make players feel like they’re at their local bowling alley. Playing 3D Bowling is quite easy — just line up your aim and throw the bowling ball. See how many strikes you can get in this one-of-a-kind bowling game. You can download 3D Bowling from the Google Play Store here.

6. Flow Free

Flow Free AndroidFlow Free® is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. Connect matching colors with pipe to create a Flow®. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap! Free play through hundreds of levels, or race against the…2012-09-25T20:50:18Z

If you’re looking for an addictive puzzle game, Flow Free will distract you for hours on end until your brain feels like exploding. Currently the No. 1 hit app, Flow Free has hundreds of levels in which you need to connect matching colors with the pipe to get the flow going. If a pipe ends up overlapping, it could break, so watch out! You can download the Flow Free app from Google Play Store here.

7. Hardest Game Ever 2


The Hardest Game Ever 2 by Orangenose Studios is the sequel to the popular hit Hardest Game Ever, featuring new game modes and features. This game is made up of mini-games that have basic concepts. See how fast you can catch eggs before they fall to the floor. The Hardest Game Ever 2 is integrated with Facebook so you can share your highscores and achievements with friends and family. You can download the Hardest Game Ever 2 from the Google Play Store here.

8. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja – Arcade Mode Trailer!▶︎ Subscribe to Halfbrick for more: ▶︎🔥 Download the App: ▶︎ Follow us on Social Media: Twitter: @Halfbrick Facebook: After 6 months and over 2.5 million sales worldwide, Fruit Ninja is still receiving frequent, high quality free updates! Today Halfbrick is pleased to announce the biggest and most anticipated update to Fruit…2010-11-02T04:42:09Z

To start, use your finger to swipe through new games and classics. Fruits will automatically be thrown up in the air, and must slice them as fast as you can. Fruit Ninja may seem like a simple game at first, but the speed picks up and bombs are thrown into the mix. Whatever you do make sure you don’t try to slash through the bomb, otherwise game over! Fruit Ninja is a fun and addictive game. You can download Fruit Ninja from the Google Play Store here.

9. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing for Android, iPhone and iPadDownload now!! Google Play: Apple: Experience the fun physics game play and unique set of different vehicles and levels.2013-05-04T21:04:26Z

Players will play as Newton Bill, an aspiring uphill racer. Help Newton Bill on his journey and make sure he conquers the highest hills up on the moon. Players must drive through bumpy landscapes without flipping over. Gain bonuses from doing tricks and collect coins to upgrade parts to your car including the engine, suspension, tires and 4WD. You can download Hill Climb Racing from the Google Play Store here.

10. Candy Crush SAGA

VideoVideo related to top 10 android games of june 20132013-06-06T23:59:59-04:00

Similar to Bejeweled, Candy Crush SAGA gives you different types of candies and asks you to match them in order to clear them and score points. All you need to do is swipe your fingers across the candies to swap them. If you match four or more, you will gain more points. To do well in Candy Crush SAGA, set yourself up to get large matches and chances to gain big points! Candy Crush SAGA integrates with Facebook so you can keep track of high scores and so you can challenge your friends. The latest update of Candy Crush SAGA includes new episodes of Savory Shores, Munchy Monolith and new Chamelon Candy. You can download Candy Crush SAGA from the Google Play Store here.

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