Top 10 iOS iPhone and iPad App Updates for June 2013

This was a big month for Apple. From new product announcements to completely redesigned software, the company started a whole new update for most of its apps. Here are the top 10 best iOS, iPhone and iPad app updates for June 2013.

1. Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 is a brand new addition for tablet and iPhone owners, especially for workers whose schedule is constantly changing. While Microsoft Office 365 app is a free download for iPhone, Office 365 requires a subscription fee. The app allows users to edit documents in Microsoft Office straight their iPhone with minimal interference. The formatting and editing remain the same for documents in Powerpoint, Word and Excel. Viewing on a smaller screen looks similar to the way it would on a computer screen. Although, the fee may hold some people back, this is a diverse app that features great capabilities. You can download Microsoft Office 365 app from the App Store here.

2. Instagram

instagram video ios updates 2013

Facebook added a brand new video function to everyone’s favorite “selfies” app. Becoming one of Vine’s biggest competitors, the new service provides 15-second videos and new filters such as a cinema mode. The update offers a seamless new addition for posting photos and videos on a Facebook stream, and it may just be a nail in the coffin for Twitter’s new system. You can download Instagram from the App Store here.

3. Facebook

ios updates apps 2013

Get more emotional when posting Facebook status updates on your phone. Facebook now lets users add more emoticons to statuses. The smileys capture a big range of emotions, so users can tell the world exactly how they feel. You can download Facebook from the App Store here.

4. Flipboard

iphone app updates 2013

The newest update to this social magazine is that users can now invite contributors to increase your own magazine. Flipboard lets you compile a virtual catalog of things that interest you, trips you want to take, etc. By sharing it with others, this app lets you customize categories to help you start reading. It can be shared across multiple social networks and other updates include a minor adjustment for various bugs. You can download Flipboard from the App Store here.

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5. oneSafe

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Security seems to be a big theme with Apple this month, but this app is essential for password protection before OS X mavericks arrives. The program safely stores passwords between all Apple items. The new updates include minor bug fixes but the app is the best alternative you can get before the password keychain arrives this fall. It’s available for Macs, iPhones and iPads. You can download oneSafe from the App Store here.


iphone updates apps 2013 app streamlines the process of posting pictures to galleries and sites like Facebook. Similar to Instagram, the program has a series of filters to enhance photos and text. Users can add locations too. The updates also allows for French commands and some minor bug fixes, but ultimately this will be the best tool to use when you need to quickly capture a moment. You can download from the App Store here.

7. Rdio

iphone app updates

Rdio streaming music service was redesigned for all three versions. With possible competition coming from Apple’s newest music offering this Fall, the creators adjusted a few bugs and various UI improvements. New features for June include a new autoplay function, which gives users the ability to hear music they have just listened to. The best part is users can now skip as much as they want! You can download Rdio from the App Store here.


ios app updates

While the popular news channel is in the middle of restructuring, the app gained a significant redesign to make viewing the news easier. Users can receive up-to-date notifications on current events and watch full episodes of their favorite shows from the network. You can download CNN from the App Store here.

9. YouTube

iphone app updates 2013 YouTube

By using YouTube’s app for iPhone and iPad, users can have a better experience watching their favorite cat videos. New additions include closed captions for live streams, and receiving video suggestions after watching something you enjoy. Incorporating stability inclusions, this app has no errors when operating system to system. You can download YouTube from the App Store here.

10. National Geographic Weird But True

iphone app updates june 2013

For the iPhone, this app is perfect for kids on long road trips. For June it got a new Disney free summer pack and increased its library with fun and interesting content. All the facts are kid friendly and the Disney pack will have more information designed to keep kids learning during the warmer months. These are all compatible with Mac products. You can download National Geographic Weird But True from the App Store here.

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