Vine Now Available for Android Users

Today is a good day for Android users. After months of watching their iOS friends create trendy Vine videos, Android users can finally join in the fun. Twitter has released Vine on Google Play for the Android smartphone.

1. Vine comes to Android.

Vine Android, Vine iOS, Vine Android Release Date
The days of Droid users longing to create their very own Vines are finally over. Today, Twitter announces that Vine will be available for the Android smartphones. Android users can celebrate by creating as many funny, weird, and artsy Vines as their friends with iPhones.

2. Vine for Android will soon mimic and even surpass its iOS counterpart.

Vine Android, Vine iOS, Vine Android Release Date
The Android version of the app does not currently have all of the features as its iOS cousin. However, Twitter has promised to add all of the features available on iOS in the coming weeks and more. For now, Android users will have to keep it old school, and only make Vines using the classic back camera. This is only a temporary setback, as Twitter is working to get the Android version of Vine in sync with its iOS counterpart.

3. Vine will have a feature that iOS users do not yet have.

Vine Android, Vine iOS, Vine Android Release Date
Since Android users have to wait for the features already available on iOS, Twitter has thrown in a little present for their patience. Vine on Droid will have an exclusive game changer, a zoom feature. Twitter has big plans for Android, promising to add even more features only possible on the Android platform. Vine for Android will take full advantage of the Android’s processing capabilities and features, creating a much different Vine experience for Android owners.

4. Vine has 13 million users in 6 months.

Vine Android, Vine iOS, Vine Android Release Date
The Vine community has grown to an impressive 13 million in only 6 months. Vine is more than simply creating videos; users follow trends and their friends as well. Android users will undoubtedly add to this number in the coming weeks, creating Vines of their own, probably with a lot of zooming in and out. Watching other user’s videos is a big part of Vine’s appeal, so this added influx of users and videos should only add to the Vine experience.

5. Twitter Announced Vine for Android on Their Blog

Vine Android, Vine iOS, Vine Android Release Date
Twitter used their blog to announce Vine’s arrival to the Android ecosystem. Here’s what they said:

Android owners: Welcome to Vine. We’ve been looking forward to this day, and we’re excited to get the app into your hands. Vine for Android has many of the features that more than 13 million people have grown to love. Though we’ve been very focused on releasing Vine for Android, we’ve continued to release updates and add new features to the iOS app. As a result, the two apps are not perfectly in sync, but that won’t be the case for long. Of course, this is only the beginning –– we have exciting plans for features that could exist only on Android.

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