WATCH: Instagram Video and Why Vine is Dead #RIPvine

Instagram dropped their 4.0 update today on both the Google Play store and the App Store for iOS devices. We got our hands on it and were immediately taken aback at how totally better it is than Vine. 15 seconds might be a bit long (compared to Vine’s 6), but we still think this is going to cause serious migration from the use of the service. The only mitigating factor is Twitter integration, but it remains to be seen how this will pan out. Chances are, Twitter will force us to click out for our Instagram videos, making Vine slightly more appealing, but you just can’t beat the functionality, at least not yet. Time will tell what Vine does to combat this move. Either way, it’s a win for users in the long run. We have reached out to Vine and are awaiting their responses on the new features, which relative to Vine are adding filters, and a “delete take” function. You can see both in the video below.

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1 Comment

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