Apple Celebrates App Store’s 5th Anniversary by Giving Away Free Apps

app store 5 year anniversary

Apple is getting ready to celebrate the fifth year of its App Store on Wednesday. Starting Monday, Apple began offering 10 of its most popular apps, including Day One, Over and games like Infinity Blade, Tiny Wings and Where’s My Water, for free. The apps will be available for a limited time, so make sure you pick them up while you can. The App Store will celebrate its official five-year anniversary on July 10, when it was officially launched in 2008 with 500 apps. As of May 2013, the company said, there are 850,000 apps available.

1. Barefoot World Atlas

app store 5th anniversary barefoot world atlas

Barefoot World Atlas is an interactive 3D globe that lets users explore regions and countries throughout the world. BBC TV presenter Nick Crane will be your guide as you fly around the world. Explore great oceans, changing environments and explore the world’s greatest continents. View beautiful animated illustrations by David Dean, read information about every country and children will have fun spinning the globe. You can download Barefoot World Atlas from the App Store here.

2. Day One

app store 5th anniversary day one

Day One is a journal app developed by Bloom Built, LLC. Day One is a beautiful app designed by Bloom Built, LLC. With Day One, users can record and track their lives in simple ways: write down memories, ideas, create reminders for special events, and sync photos via iCloud or Dropbox. Adding new journal entries is easy, just hit the “+” and you can start writing away. The app also allows users to add the weather and check-in to nearby locations making entries unique. You can download Day One from the App Store here.

3. How to Cook Everything

app store 5th anniversary how to cook everything

If you loved Mark Bittman’s bestselling How to Cook Everything cookbook, you can find those same recipes in his How to Cook Everything app. You will find thousands of recipes, how-to illustrations, menu ideas, and cooking advice on how to make good food. You can also create Favorite folders so you can save your favorite recipes. If you’re not connected to the Internet, you can still access your Favorite folders offline. You can download How to Cook Everything from the App Store here.

4. Over

app store 5th anniversary over

Over is a photo and video app by Potluck. Users can add beautiful text and artwork to photos and share them with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. Add captions, quotes, jokes, memes, and poems to let your photos stand out. If you’re into typography, you can open font files from anywhere on your phone. The app also adds awesome new fonts on a regular basis. You can download Over from the App Store here.

5. Traktor DJ

app store 5th anniversary traktor dj

Traktor DJ is a powerful DJ system developed by Native instruments. The app gives DJs a cool new way to spin their music, and you don’t have to be a professional DJ to use the app. By using swipe and pinch gestures, users can get direct access to their iTunes library. The browser recommends songs based on tempo and key, and users get to take advantage of the 8 built-in pro DJ effects including Reverb, Delay, ad dramatic glitch effects like BeatMaster. Easily prepare and record high-quality tracks and share them with your friends. You can download Traktor DJ from the App Store here.

6. Badland

app store 5th anniversary badland

Badland is a side-scrolling action adventure game developed by Frogmind. While the game takes place in a gorgeous forest, something goes wrong. Players will need to control one of the inhabitants and see what’s going on. Discover traps and obstacles in 10 new levels and 30 new missions. The gameplay is filled with amazing graphics and audio. Play up to four players playing on the same device. You can download Badland from the App Store here.

7. Infinity Blade II

app store 5th anniversary apps infinity blade 2

The sequel to the game that brought console graphics to mobile is now free for a limited time on the app store. Developed by Chair, a division of Epic games, this game uses the Unreal Engine to create an unforgettable visual and visceral experience on the iPhone and iPad. For those unfamiliar with the series, Infinity Blade 2 immerses players in an on-rail experience, hacking and slashing through numerous boss battles in order to progress through the main quest. The biggest differentiator from the original game is the unique fighting patterns found with each enemy, having the player rely more on quick reflexes rather than memorizing fighting patterns. This game is a must have, so download this game immediately while it’s free. You can download Infinity Blade II from the App Store here.

8. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

app store 5th anniversary superbrothers sword and sworcey

Sword & Sworcery EP is an adventure game developed by Superbrothers with music by Jim Guthrie. Giving a nod to point-and-click adventure games popular in the 80s and 90s, Sword & Sworcery EP combines pixel art visuals with an unforgettable soundtrack. This game contains all of the mystery, charm, and puzzle-solving that’s essential to making a legendary adventure game. Now free for a limited time, here’s your chance to play this award-winning adventure game. You can download Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcey from the App Store here.

9. Tiny Wings HD

app store 5th anniversary tiny wing hd

Tiny Wings is an arcade game developed by Andreas Illiger. Players control a small bird who hopes to fly as far and as fast as he can before sunset. Simply touch the screen and use the hills as jumps and slide down them, flap your tiny wings and fly as far away as you can. Make sure you get back before nighttime because one the sky is filled with stars, the game will be over. Similar to Angry Birds, Tiny Wings is simple and addicting. You can download Tiny Wings HD from the App Store here.

10. Where’s My Water?

app store 5th anniversary where's my water

Where’s My Water? is a simple puzzle game. Swampy the alligator lives in a sewer, and the player needs to fill his bathtub so he can get cleaned up. Swampy is adorable and fully animated. Where’s My Water? is a great game for both kids and parents to play together as its highly entertaining. You can download Where’s My Water from the App Store here.

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