Top 10 Reddit Apps for Android

If you’re a Redditor and want to browse Reddit while on the go, you need to download a Reddit app. Here are our top 10 Reddit apps for Android.

1. Bacon Reader for Reddit

best reddit app for android bacon reader

If you consider yourself a Redditor, you most likely already have this Reddit client installed on your Android device. Bacon reader has become one of the most widely used ways to browse Reddit on Android, and best of all it’s free. Some of the features include subreddit grouping, domain and keyword filtering, and direct picture uploading. You can download Bacon Reader for Reddit from the Google Play Store here.

2. Reddit is Fun

best reddit app for android reddit is fun

Reddit Is Fun was once banned from Google Play for easy access to NSFW content. Since its return, Reddit Is Fun has proven to be one of the best Reddit clients for Android, demonstrating a simple user interface that allows users to browse content and engage in discussions. Additionally, users can easily upload content found in other apps simply by using the “Share” button. Reddit Is Fun is perfect for both the casual lurker and hardcore Redditor. You can download Reddit is Fun from the Google Play Store here.

3. Reddit Sync

best reddit app for android reddit sync

With Reddit Sync, users can easily up/down vote and comment on posts, manage and sync favorite subreddits, preview posts, and view images in full-screen. Change the color of the app’s theme, and toggle between day and night reading mode. Other features include being able to access your Reddit inbox, post links, and access subreddit pages offline. Take advantage of the not-safe-for-work content filter and share your favorite content. You can download Reddit Sync from the Google Play Store here.

4. Reddit News ($1.99)

best reddit apps for android reddit news

Reddit News is a favorite client among many Android users. Filter content, simple up/down vote, comment, and bookmark content while on the go. The ICS/JB theme is available in various color schemes, giving users a full-screen visual experience. You can purchase Reddit News from the Google Play Store here.

5. RedReader Beta

best reddit app for android redreader beta

RedReader is a new Reddit client for Android. The developer hopes to keep it open source and ad free. Users can change themes if you don’t like the default red theme. Other themes included are green, blue, grey and night mode. RedReader Beta supports both Android phones and tablets. You can download RedReader Beta from the Google Play Store here.

6. RPlaylister

best reddit apps for android rplaylister

RPlaylister is an app that allows users to discover new music on Reddit. Easily add your favorite music subreddit and create playlists. RPlaylister is a great app and works well. Even when you close the app the music doesn’t stop. You can download RPlaylister from the Google Play Store here.

7. Redditastic – Reddit Widget

best reddit app for android redditastic

Redditastic is a great way to add Reddit to your homescreen. This app allows users to create individual widgets for each of your favorite subreddits. The feed can populate new, hot, top, and controversial threads. Reading Reddit is much easier with Redditastic. You can download Redditastic from the Google Play Store here.

8. Rapid Reddit

best reddit apps for android rapid reddit

Rapid Reddit is a user friendly Reddit app by appTechnic. Users can find and add new subreddits through “discover” tab and read messages, up/down vote posts, and more. Add and manage subreddit subscriptions and filter posts with a low score. The developers will be adding a “recently viewed” featured soon. You can download Rapid Reddit from the Google Play Store here.

9. Reddionic

best reddit app for android reddionic

Reddionic is a brand new Reddit client in public beta. Users have the ability to swipe through subreddits, open Reddit links in app, and comment on posts. The user interface provides a nice and easy way to browse through all of your favorite reddit content.You can download Reddionic from the Google Play Store here.

10. Reddit in Pictures

best reddit apps for android reddit in pictures

Reddit in Pictures streams pictures from Reddit to your Android phone. Users can browse any subreddit, swipe between images, and new images are loaded automatically. Toggle not-safe-for-work images, view animated gifs, and use pinch-to-zoom on any image. You can download Reddit in Pictures from the Google Play Store here.

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