Real-Life Iron Man Suits Are Coming Soon: Why You Need to Watch This Video

iron man suits video

Are you a big fan of comic books? Do you salivate every time Marvel Studios releases some new information about the latest movie in their production slate? For anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a superhero, Sagawa Electronics has created something unbelievable. The Japan-based company has constructed an exo-skeleton known as the Power-jacket MK3.

Gizmag discovered this amazing piece of hardware. In order to occupy this armor, users need to be as rich as Iron Man’s alter ego or Tony Stark. The company reported it will make five versions of this prototype estimated to cost $124,000.

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From the first look, the skeleton seems pretty frail. The video Gizmodo found shows a school girl serving as a test subject for the armor. Sadly, the power suit has no weapons and doesn’t provide its occupants with inhuman strength. The Powersuit contains no traces of adamantium or other sturdy elements. The joints appear to have an electronic motor that supports movement but still does not mean you can lift a car. The video seen below makes it tough to take this too seriously since it indicates this may be a prank. While hard to tell, this is a pretty cool possibility of where tech can go in the future.

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