Facebook Follows Twitter’s Lead — Statuses & Photos Are Now Embeddable

Facebook is finally following suit with other social media outlets like Twitter, Vine and Instagram, and allowing certain aspects of the mega social networking site to be embeddable.

mark zuckerberg

It’s not quite as easy as grabbing the HTML code for a tweet, but certain websites have been given the green light to do so with Facebook approval. So far Bleacher Report, CNN, The Huffington Post, Mashable and People have all begun using the new function.

Something that the Facebook embed will offer that Twitter does not, is when a user likes or comments on an embedded post, it updates in real time both on Facebook and on the site the person is visiting on. Twitter asks you to leave the site you’re on if you want to favorite a particular tweet.

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So what does all this mean for Twitter? Well, being that so many celebs, movie studios, etc. use the service as a way of making big announcements, there could be shift over to Facebook for the sheer convenience of posting more than 140 characters. Basically, you’ll probably start seeing posts that read “Top 20 Facebook Responses to Paula Deen’s Butter Brand” instead of top 20 Twitter responses.

And the Zuckerberg empire gets a little bigger.

Via TheVerge