Google Reader Replacements: 5 Alternatives You Need To Know

The search engine’s RSS reader will officially close its doors before the end of the day. Here are five alternatives to consider.

1.AOL Reader


America Online is an ancient relic compared to the younger upstarts it has to compete against. However, AOL Reader is a simpler alternative that will satisfy your RSS needs. Before Google RSS closes its doors for good, users can transfer their subscription into this one. The process is simple. By using your own AOL account to sign in which is free to create, viewers can categorize what they want to read and can shift the story size for better viewing. Tags are available for archiving and content you want to read is saved on a history bar. The service arrived a week ago and has the potential to fill the void Google Reader has left behind.



Digg reader will be AOL’s biggest competition. Each one of these new services has the capacity to import Google Reader subscriptions. The only flaw Digg has is that it released a bug-filled beta to tech journalists before a wide release. Compared to it’s rivals, Digg is more intuitive. It is easy to navigate and has similar tagging features. Digg is projected to last for awhile based on its simplicity. Developers should just add more features first.

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Feedly is the frontunner to replace Google Reader according to Mashable. The news aggregator has a nicer design compared to other services. Some fun features Feedly has includes syncing with other apps. The Feedly Cloud will be the key for the service to ultimately replace the search engine program. Compared to Google Reader, this is unique cause it provides a whole ecosystem for apps to enhance the reading experience. Expect to hear more news about Feedly soon.


Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 5.24.17 PM

Bloglines purpose is to help aggregate web sites for your viewing pleasure. It lets you track your favorite blogs in real time. The dashboard is easily customizable and can be adjusted based on personal preferences. Creating an account is free and this serves as better source for online content. The information you gather can be from local sites or from anywhere. Essentially, this could also become a big competitor for This is a great reader because the other services completely overshadow it.



NewsBlur is well rated and a worthy replacement. Newsblur’s advantage is that it has one of the best filters you can find for a reader. RSS information can be overwhelming but the filter can make the process easier. The app has a refined shortcut keyboard than can take you directly to a specific story. All of these readers have the same features but they can become the best alternatives to replace Google Reader. It depends on your personal taste. Which will you choose?

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