The Cheap iPhone 5S Model Looks Horrible

iphone cheap leaked photo, iphone 5s back

Brand new images of the cheaper model of the iPhone — which has been rumored to be in development for quite some time — have leaked and they look terrible.

Sorry but I don’t want an iPhone that looks like it was designed by Willy Wonka.

As you can see from the images above, the cheap iPhone is really colorful. India Times got their hands on the image, apparently straight from Foxconn, the Chinese factory where Apple manufactures a number of their products (yes, this place).

iphone cheap leaked photo, iphone 5s inside

Even though the leaks are just the pictures of the outer shell of the cheap iPhone (and they might not be accurate), the images still say a lot.

iphone cheap leaked photo, iphone 5s inside

The cheaper iPhone is a niche product, but it makes sense for Apple to make it for a few reasons. Firstly, Apple is missing out on a huge global market. The reason the Android OS ecosystem has had a dominating lead in the mobile operating system market share is because there are so many Android-powered devices (too many) versus only the three iPhones that are in stores now — the iPhone 5, 4S and 4.

iphone cheap leaked photo, iphone 5s front back

By producing a cheaper iPhone — made out of plastic according to rumors and judging from the images — not caring about the design or handiwork that is typical of most Apple products, Apple can hopefully gain some ground on Android in the global mobile OS market share. And, with the status symbol that’s attached to the iPhone (might not exist in the US anymore, but definitely internationally), there’s no reason that a really inexpensive iPhone wouldn’t sell.

iphone cheap leaked photo, iphone 5s inside

Second, the bright colors indicate that Apple is targeting another demographic — kids. Personally, the main reason I didn’t get an iPhone until September was because my parent’s didn’t want to waste money on giving me a smartphone that I would probably break or pay for the data plan that I would absolutely abuse. But, by offering a cheap iPhone with an altered data plan, parents can be easily convinced to buy their eight-year-old (or however old kids are nowadays when they get their first smartphone) a brand new iPhone.

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