iPhone 5S Production Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know


Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has started a new set of rumors revolving around the iPhone 5s.

Here are five fast facts you need to know…

1. Mass Production May Start This Month


The analyst speculates that the iPhone 5s will begin mass production at the end of this month. Intended for a release in late September or early October, this would support other rumors that a fall release was very likely. This information was obtained from a note Misek had distributed to clients this morning. The same also indicated that inventory estimates would be around 25 to 30 million. Of course, Misek assumes that holiday shipments will skyrocket to around 50 million as well.

2.Low-Cost Version May Be Released Next Year


Cult of Mac reports that Misek claims the low-cost version of the phone has already gone into production. Apparently, it’ll cost $300-$400 dollars without a carrier subsidy too. The difference between the 5s and this cheaper one could be that the latter is meant to be more of a mid-range product. While they have yet to dub this item an “iPhone 6”, Misek states that release of this particular smartphone will have to wait until the end of the year. Apparently, several of Apple’s production partners have already sent out shipping requests for parts. Also, the infamous production Factory Foxconn has been on a hiring spree which could support the production numbers that Misek mentioned.

3. Misek Is Not A Great Source


With the release of this new information, Killian Bell advises readers to take this news with a “pinch of salt”. Peter Misek has a notorious reputation for outrageous predictions when it comes to Apple. In April 2011, Misek said that Apple will be launching a “far-reaching” video service that will disrupt television. Despite this bold claim, the big release turned out to iCloud. Last year, Peter “predicted” that an Apple HDTV would arrive in the last quarter of 2012. We still have yet to see this particular version of the smart TV. However, the analyst can add one success to his comedically mis-informed record. He was right on point when accurately reported the production of the iPhone 4s.

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4. The Numbers Are Tough To Ignore


More substantial evidence needs to be give in order to make a valid judgement. Although these numbers do not sound very far-fetched. The 4s was pegged at around 15 million when the holidays approached and the 3GS was estimated to sell at 30 million units in the last quarter of 2011. The increase in hiring makes sense as well since the 5s is supposed to be infused with a huge amount of new features (fingerprint scanning is a big selling point) which would necessitate the higher work demand. Misek also calculates that there will ultimately be 15 million units of each phone on the market. This would make sense as well considering both products would not cancel each other out. The 5s and the low cost version will offer something different so expect the 4s to meet its timely end.

5. This Adds More Fuel To The Fire


After all this consideration, this is still just a rumor. The fall release is plausible since the previous version premiered around the same time last year. This won’t stop more conspiracy theories from emerging. Starting in December, we supposedly saw an early preview. From then on, it never stopped. Last week, the most recent rumor to surface was the the 5s would contain LTE-advanced technology. While there has been barely any verification of this news, this is all normal for Apple. It’s to expected when your company makes some of the most popular products in the world. While this information isn’t completely bizarre, Misek’s track record is still pretty damning. He presents some intriguing tidbits though. Hopefully we can gain some more insight before July is over.