Google Unveils Nexus 7.2: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Google’s mysterious press conference revealed new information about the Nexus 7.2.

Here are five fast facts you need to know…

1. Nexus 7.2 Is Slimmed Down


Hugo Barra, VP of Android Product Management, told the audience that the Nexus 7.2 is 2 millimeters thinner than the previous version and that the side bezel is 3 millimeters on both sides. The focus was on simplifying the new gadget but kept the soft touch back that people loved in the original.

2. It Has The Highest Tablet Resolution Ever Made


The resolution has been adjusted from 1280×800 to 1920×1200. By bumping the DPI from 216 to 323, Barra said it has the highest of any tablet. The display also shows 30% wider range of colors.

3. The Tablet Has Dual Speakers


The Nexus 7.2 holds dual speakers to allow for movies and games to be played in the proper format. It includes a surround sound stereo system that has never been used before.

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4. Nexus 7.2 Has 9 Hours of HD Video Playback


The tablet can play 9 uninterrupted hours of HD video playback with 10 hours of internet browsing available too.

5. It Will Be The First Device To Ship With Android 4.3


It’ll have three versions: the 16gb Wifi model will be 299, the 32GB Wifi model for 269 and 32 GB LTE model for 349. The WiFi model starts shipping July 30th.

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