Samsung Surpasses Apple Mobile Web Traffic: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Samsung Electronics may have just reached a big milestone. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. Samsung Ranks First In Mobile Web Traffic

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Delivering a crushing blow to Apple, Samsung Electronics is in first place for the most mobile web traffic use. Dublin-based Stat-counter distributed these findings about this power shift earlier today. While this win was by a small margin, it forced Nokia down to third place. Nokia should be worried since The Independent cites that they were the number one vendor for internet access only 12 months ago.

2. We’re Skeptical


Samsung Execs should not pop the champagne yet. The Next Web is pretty skeptical of these findings. It has written a series of stories discussing the various ways mobile metrics are unreliable indicators of product adoption. The biggest criticism of these stats is that iOS is still the most widely used platform on the market. The numbers reflect world-wide use but Apple may retake its spot again.

3. StatCounter Only Counts Smartphones

samsung galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

Fortune wrote that Statcounter doesn’t analyze traffic from tablet. Since Apple only sells three smartphones (the iPhone 5, 4S, & 4) and Samsung has four devices that I can think of off the top of my head (the Samsung Galaxy S4, the S4 Mini, the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Note 2), it makes sense that Statcounter thinks Android mobile traffic is higher than iOS’s.

4. Google Chrome Beat Internet Explorer


Next Web also notes that Statcounter reported that Google Chrome was one of the top browsers in terms of Internet usage last year. According to the company’s findings, Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer this year too. Unfortunately, there is a discrepancy in these figures as well. The site notes that StatCounter only looks at page views while Net Applications (another metric site) focuses on users. Ultimately, its difficult to judge based on these numbers cause it seems based on personal tastes.

5. We Need A Better Form Of Measurement

web analytics, google analytics

Should these companies celebrate then? How do we know these are concrete results? If one tool measures factors like usage in a limited range, how are we supposed to know that companies like Samsung have achieved these goals. Essentially, we need a tool. In order to accurately report these details, a specified research system needs to be developed. Criterion for judgement need to included that will paint a better picture. Internet usage should be judged on users AND page views. Demographics should be considered when it comes to designated OS system performance. Samsung certainly has been making a name for itself on the mobile market but they really should deliver news like this themselves. Personal preferences affect these results so lets see something different before we decide to purchase a product from these firms.

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