How To Access Secret Snapchat Filters

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How To Use The Secret Snapchat Filter EffectsUse The Secret Snapchat Filter Effects! Secrets of Snapchat! NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED! Works with LATEST version of Snapchat! Surprise your friends with these cool filter effects! Choose from Black & White, Negative or Sepia (Android ONLY)! Enjoy these SECRET features on Snapchat! This video will show you the secret way to use filter effects on…2013-05-01T22:57:52.000Z

You may know about Snapchat. You may use Snapchat (excessively). But did you know that they have secret filters that can turn Snapchat into Instagram-Lite? Here are some of Snapchat’s secret filters.

PS — Thanks to our Joanna Hausmann for letting us publish a Snapchat of her. You can read her articles here.

You Can Draw in White

snapchat white

It’s possible, though I don’t know why you’d want to. To draw on your Snapchat, tap the crayon in the top right hand corner and drag your finger across to the left side of the screen. Make sure you don’t lift your finger though; if you do, then the action will be cancelled. Once on the left side, let go and the crayon in the top right hand corner should turn white. That would mean that your goal to color your Snapchats in white is successful.

You Can Draw in Black

snapchat black

So you can change the crayon to black too. Follow the steps for the white crayon, but drag your finger down to the bottom of the screen instead of the left. That should make the crayon turn black, which means it worked.

Change Your Picture to Black and White

snapchat black and white

This was definitely my favorite of the secret filters that I found. And best part is that it’s super easy. Take a picture you want to send and then type “B&w…” exactly like that. Capitalization and all, otherwise it won’t work. The picture should turn black and white and then you can delete the code and type whatever you want.

Turn Your Photo Negative

snapchat negative

Ok so to make your photo negative, basically do the same thing, but type “Negative…” instead of the black and white code. You can delete the code afterwards and type whatever you want, like “officially a Snapchat pro.”

Put A Sepia Filter On Your Snapchat

snapchat sepia

Contrary to what Buzzfeed says, you can actually access the Sepia filter on iOS (to be fair, the article in question was written about a month ago). Did you know that you can throw a sepia filter on your Snapchats? It’s really easy; just type “Sepia…”

Combine Filters

snapchat combo, snapchat sepia, snapchat negative

Love Sepia? Love negative images? Well you can combine them! Type in the Negative code, then the Sepia code, and you should get a Negative-Sepia image. Try out some other combinations.

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