Train Windows Now Talk: What You Need To Know


Remember Minority Report? That 2002 futuristic flick starred Tom Cruise as a cop part of an elite unit that prevents crimes before they happen. This particular sci-fi film took place in a future that included new innovations like driver-less cars and relentless advertising that scans your retinas. Although Minority Report came out a little over a decade ago, the technology in it made an impact. Tech analysts predicted that some of this could happen in a few years. A recent video shows that one part of the movie is now real life.

Sky Go, a mobile streaming service, has created a new advertising system intended for train windows. Through the use of bone conduction technology, Sky Go created a module attached to the windows that will transmit high-frequency oscillations directly to your brain. Essentially, a tired commuter can rest their weary head about the window and will immediately begin hearing voices trying to sell the latest product.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 10.23.59 AM

Of course, this is pretty creepy but it also has tremendous potential to completely revolutionize advertising, technology and even the beleaguered music industry. Google Glass has already incorporated bone conduction in order to avoid the traditional speaker-set up for the new product. This process uses the sounds received by the inner ear and uses bones to send the vibrations right to your brain. While details are vague about when and where these modules will be installed, this could have countless privacy issues. Apparently disregarding these concerns, Sky Go has enlisted advertising agency BBDO Dusseldorf to begin the commercial process with the first ad appearing online. Check it out below.