Top 10 Best Zombie Games for Android

We can’t seem to get enough of zombies, so here are the top ten best Zombie games for Android.

1. Zombiewood – Zombies in LA (Free)

Zombiewood is a free action shooter game developed by Gameloft. Players need to defend Los Angeles against the zombie apocalypse. Zap, boil & burn zombies by using over 30 wicked weapons. Outfits can be mixed, while 20 different movies unfold as you progress. 10 different game modes gives users an endless gaming experience. Regular updates occur adding more weapons and movies so the fun never ends! You can download Zombiewood – Zombies in LA from the Google Play Store here.

2. Stupid Zombies (Free)

Top 10 Best Zombie Games For Android Stupid Zombies

The zombies are back in Stupid Zombies by GameResort. Players become humanity’s last hope against these brain-eating fiends. Ammunition is limited, so players need to invent crafty ways to survive with what they have. Use bullets, grenades, and buckshots to survive 720 levels of zombie-killing fun. You can download Stupid Zombies at the Google Play Store here.

3. Zombie Smasher (Free)

Top 10 Best Zombie Games For Android Zombie Smasher

Zombie Smasher is an addicting and entertaining zombie game by Italy Games. With a simple tap, players will smash zombies as they invade your neighborhood. Special power-ups help with earning points, but be careful not to injure the kids from the neighborhood, as it will lower your score. The brain-munchers have evolved with seven different breeds intent on terrifying the town. Story mode, survival mode, and time mode will offer different playing experiences that will have players coming back for more. Story Mode is filled with 60 levels of intense zombie-blasting action gameplay.
Zombie Smasher has amazing visuals and high-quality sound. You can download Zombie Smasher from the Google Play Store here.

4. Zombie Highway (Free)

Top 10 Best Zombie Games For Android Zombie Highway

Zombie Highway is an addictive zombie survival game by Auxbrain Inc. Race down a long stretch highway that is swarmed with flesh-eating zombies. Navigate obstacles including five-car pileups and the occasional road block, while trying to shoot down zombies. The 3D graphics show detailed versions of the zombies as they claw and bite to get their meals. You can download Zombie Highway from the Google Play Store here.

5. Zombie Run HD (Free)

Zombie Run HD 1.1 – Brave inspired Zombie characterPreview of upcoming Zombie Run HD update. Including The Unbrave One character – inspired by Merida from Pixar's "Brave".2012-06-29T10:48:40Z

Zombie Run HD is a Temple Run inspired endless running game by RetroStyle Games. Players need to awaken the Zombies and escape from The Rusty Mug, a bar built on ancient aztec burial ground. Users can choose from 14 different characters including Bad Santa, Iron Zombie and Zuperman. Avoid obstacles such as overgrown branches and broken bridges in levels like the nasty swamp and old village. Compared to Temple Run, Zombie Run HD gives a whole new set of challenges for players. You can download Zombie Run HD at the Google Play Store here.

6. Bomb The Zombies (Free)

Top 10 Best Zombie Games For Android Bomb The Zombies

If you love Zombies, you may want to check out Bomb the Zombies. The game is easy to learn and has addictive game play. Players need to use strategy to destroy Zombies’ buildings in which innocent girls are being kept hostage. The goal of the game is to launch bombs at as many buildings possible without hurting the hostages. Players can achieve a global ranking after they destroy countless fortresses. Gameplay is expansive with 90 levels held within 6 stages that are continuously updated. Life-like physics and strategy help increase the damage done to the undead horde. You can download Bomb The Zombies at the Google Play Store here.

7. Zombie Terminator (Free)

Zombie Terminator FullAndroid Free Game From Feelingtouch Download from here This is the end of the world. You are totally alone in this bloody city. And all you can see around you is zombies, zombies, and zombies. Human's destiny lies on your shoulder. Kill? Or to be killed? Cry to hide? Or fight to survive? Look.…2012-09-21T08:46:34Z

Step up and become the savior humanity needs in Zombie Terminator by FT Games. As the zombie terminator, you must work to protect your city at all costs. Zombie Terminator has a primary adventure mode, but it also contains a side-game of slots that offers players free spins everyday. Boss battles give gamers a slew of achievements and rewards, while numerous different killing models can be chosen as you progress through the levels. The weapon system employs numerous ways to get creative with your zombie killing methods. The wide range of devils and monsters will seek to destroy, but step up as your the last line of defense before humanity falls. You can download Zombie Terminator at the Google Play Store here.

8. Dead Trigger (Free)

DEAD TRIGGER: HALLOWEEN UpdateThe most visually stunning update for DEAD TRIGGER is here! HALLOWEEN has arrived in The City! * Visit new arena: HAUNTED GRAVEYARD. It's the scariest place in the City! * Enjoy a new weapon! The CROSSBOW is equipped with blazing ballistics! * You'll now be able to slaughter crowds of HALLOWEEN "PUMPKIN-HEAD" ZOMBIES * Don't…2012-10-25T13:23:49Z

Civilization is coming to an end in Dead Trigger by Madfiger Games. While billions of people died from an unknown virus, others turned into beasts. Players join a group of survivors seeking shelter, and must invent new ways to fend off the zombie attacks. Use a combo of hacking, slashing, and cutting to protect your group. Weapons include a laser amputator, blade chopper, and mines. Unlimited random missions can keep players entertained, but AI will make survival tougher. Intuitive controls and high-quality 3D visuals will make this an adrenaline fueled adventure. You can download Dead Trigger from the Google Play Store here.

9. Zombie Duck Hunt (Free)

Top 10 Best Zombie Games For Android Zombie Duck Hunt

One of the best arcade games now has an undead version. Players become a hunter who goes on a Zombie Duck Hunt. Pick up your weapon and kill the zombie ducks. Dispose of undead birds and you can unlock new weapons to earn extra lives. Use the left button to load the rifle, while tilting it fires at the Zombie Duck. Choose from 12 weapons to kill 9 different Zombie Ducks flying across the screen. Boosting your global rankings increase your score. You can download Zombie Duck Hunt from the Google Play Store here.

10. Call of Mini: Zombies (Free)

Top 10 Best Zombie Games For Android Call of Mini: Zombies

Call of Mini: Zombies is a action game developed by Triniti Interactive Ltd. Your town has been infected by a virus and the town’s people have an appetite for brains. Players become a courageous zombie killer, and use machine guns and rocket launchers to protect the town. Call of Mini: Zombie has high quality game play with a co-op mode and option to play with others. You can download Call of Mini: Zombies from the Google Play Store here.

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