Top 10 Best News Apps for Android

Stay informed on the latest news with these top ten news apps for Android.

1. Engadget (Free)

Top 10 Best News Apps For Android Engadget

The Engadget app for Android is the ultimate news source for everything technology and gadget-related. Users can stream daily news, read reviews, and watch hand-on coverage as it happens.Browse photo galleries to get a look at new products, and get quick access to the website’s podcasts. Tech enthusiasts can offer tips to writers and editors on breaking news. Bookmark features and read them while offline. You can download Engadget from the Google Play Store here.

2. CNN App For Android (Free)

Top 10 Best News Apps For Android CNN

CNN Android app will keep you informed with the latest breaking news. Read entertainment, international, and tech stories. Watch your favorite CNN shows and watch video clips of live events. Contribute your own story to CNN with iReport, easily upload videos and photos to make your story unique. Follow other other iReporters and see stories they contribute to the app. Permission may be required to use some functions like weather, network connection, camera, but this is to enhance your experience. You can download CNN App for Android at the Google Play Store here.

3. Google Currents (Free)

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Google Currents offers mobile and tablet-friendly magazines from publishers such as Forbes, The Guardian, and TechCrunch. Each edition is available off-line. Since Google Currents uses Google Search the app delivers breaking news in a variety of categories. Fast scan lets users swipe to the next edition. Save your favorite stories and read them while on the go. You can download Google Currents from the Google Play Store here.

4. USA Today (Free)

USA TODAY for AndroidThe latest news stories, scores, weather and photos you've come to expect from USA TODAY are now available for your Android device. Staying informed on the go has never been this quick, easy or enjoyable. – Read stories on or offline. Great when commuting or traveling. – Get weather conditions, radar and the forecast at…2009-05-23T21:44:48.000Z

USA Today gives users a comprehensive outlook of what is happening around the country. Headlines contain stories from news, sports, tech, travel etc. Share news coverage through social media channels and save USA Today content offline. Sports fans will enjoy the scores section since it broadcasts updates from all of the major leagues. USA Today has a selection of refined photo tools which include gorgeous galleries like Day in Celebrities. Snapshots involve questions of the day for app owners to learn more about current events. You can download USA Today from the Google Play Store here.

5. AP Mobile (Free)

Top 10 Best News Apps For Android AP Mobile

AP Mobile is a comprehensive guide for the latest news and information. Stay connected and get news from trusted news sources such as The Miami Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, etc. Browse content from Top News, Entertainment, Sports, Business, and World News. Read news in Spanish, French and English. Watch videos, view photos, and share articles with friends. You can download AP Mobile from the Google Play store here.

6. Feedly (Free)

Top 10 Best News Apps For Android Feedly

While Google Currents is a nice substitute, Feedly may become the ultimate replacement for Google Reader. Feedly aggregates content from popular sites and blogs to deliver news fast. All of this information is delivered to you in a mobile-optimized format. Sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, and google+. The UI structures your feed to fit on a phone/tablet to be viewed as a full magazine. All of your Google Reader subscriptions are transferable and the configurations can be synced across two different devices. This app has great browser speed and hosts your favorite blogs and news feeds all in your pocket. You can download Feedly from the Google Play Store here.

7. The Guardian (Free)

Top 10 Best News Apps For Android The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper has become one of the top media outlets in the world thanks to recent events. The Guardian app keeps viewers engaged by being able to join conversations, submit comments, debate, and share content. Schedule a daily download of the paper, and save your favorite content for offline reading. Keep up-to-date on live football scores, and results for international games. Browse and listen to audi and video content. You can download The Guardian from the Google Play Store here.

8. NPR News (Free)

Top 10 Best News Apps For Android NPR News

Radio lives on with the NPR News mobile app. Perfect for all ages, the public radio institution has condensed all their programming into a simple platform. Users can enjoy listening to programs like All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation, Fresh Air, and more. Create playlists, read, and share NPR stories with your friends. Live streams can be sent from radio stations all across the country. The search tool allows users to search for NPR stations by location, zip code, or call letters. You can download NPR News from the Google Play Store here.

9. The Wall Street Journal (Free)

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Get the latest news and real-time quotes from the Wall Street Journal Android app. Read news from Business, Tech, Life, and Culture. Save your favorite WSJ articles to read at a later time. Access podcasts and radio stations without having to pay a fee. A subscription is required to access premium articles. You can download The Wall Street Journal from the Google Play Store here.

10. The Onion News Network (Free)

Top 10 Best News Apps For Android Onion News Network

The Onion News Network is a video catalog where users can see the latest videos. Users can view videos by sorting by shows. Access popular segments and laugh 24/7 with the network’s first app. The archives are updated daily and editors continue to add brand new content that will guarantee a good laugh. You can download The Onion News Network from the Google Play Store here.

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