Top 10 Addicting Word Games for iPhone and iPad

Here’s ten addicting word games for iPhone and iPad.

1. Words With Friends

Words with Friends is just like the board game Scrabble. It’s a multi-player word game where players can take turns to build words across the puzzle board. Players can either look up their friends through Facebook or by username, or can play with a random opponent that’s assigned. You can chat and exchange messages with opponents. Words with Friends is ranked as one of the top ranking games to play. You can download Words With Friends from the App Store here.

2. Bookworm ($1.99)

Bookworm is a word-puzzle game developed by PopCap. Players join Lex the bookworm and link letter tiles to build words. The bigger the word, the more points players will earn. Watch out for burning letters, as they could ruin the whole game for you and Lex! Re-scramble letters by shaking your iPhone/iPad. Compete in unlimited levels and keep track of progress. You can download Bookworm from the App Store here.

3. Scramble With Friends

Scramble With Friends is one of the hottest word games developed by Zynga.
Similar to Words With Friends, players will need to find words in a jumbled grid. Slide your finger over letters to form words backwards, forwards, or sideways. Challenge your friends in 3, two minute rounds. Use power-ups to freeze time, the player with the highest score wins! Play against your Friends on Facebook, or be paired up with a random opponent across the world. You can download Scramble With Friends from the App Store here.

4. Boggle

Boggle is a puzzle game developed by Electronic Arts. Shake your phone and shuffle the dice. Drag letters and create as many words as you can in 3 minutes. Use exclusive power -ups like Hunch, Triple It, and Halt to boost your score. Challenge up to 4 friends via Facebook or in Pass ‘N Play. You can download Boggle from the App Store here.

5. Letterpress

No longer challenged with Words With Friends? Letterpress is the new game developed by the guy that brought you Tweetie. This new puzzle game adds a touch of strategy to the turn-based word game genre, and is presented with a beautiful minimalistic interface. You can download Letterpress from the App Store here.

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6. Scruzzle Word

top best word games for iphone scruzzleword

Scruzzle Word is a word puzzle game developed by Y Media Labs. Rearrange letters in white squares by forming words in the shortest amount of time. Correct squares will turn gold and make a sound. If all the squares turn golden the puzzle is solved. Scruzzleword offers beginner and challenging modes making each game fun and challenging for people of all ages. You can download Scruzzle Word from the App Store here.

7. What’s the Phrase?

top best word games for iphone whats the phrase

Choose from over 40 different categories and see how fast you can guess the phrase. Unlock categories like video games, what to wear, hot chicks, college life, and more. Players can even create their own unique puzzles to share with their friends. Spin the wheel and see who can gain the most points in this addicting puzzle game. You can download What’s the Phrase from the App Store here.

8. iLetterz

iLetterz is a new word game developed by David Zacik. Players will see a description word, and will need to guess the word buy filling in letters. Complete as many words as you can and beat the time for each level. Compete in 30 levels and share with friends to earn extra letters. You can download iLetterz from the App Store here.

9. Word Search: Word Swipe ($0.99)

top best word games for iphone word search word swipe

Word Search: Word Swipe is a word search game developed by iGold Technologies. Swipe over words to form words shown in the word list. Score high points by finding words in a short amount of time. Compete with players around the world in normal, medium, hard & expert modes. Challenge your skills in 4 difficulty mode packs. You can download Word Search: Word Swipe from the App Store here.

10. SpellTower ($1.99)

SpellTower is a word game developed by Zach Gage. Similar to Boggle, players will need to find words on a grid of letters. Make words and clear extra letters from the grid. Every word you make adds a new row of letters. Pick your words wisely because titles will rise from the bottom of the screen, and you will need to do what you can to keep them down. If any letters get to the top row, the game will be over. You can download SpellTower from the App Store here.