iPhone 5C Rumors: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

The iPhone 5c is one of the two rumored phones Apple will be releasing this fall. Considered a more economical purchase than the possible flagship 5S, the 5C is expected to be a big hit.

Here’s what you should know about the new “cheap iPhone.”

1. Plastic Cases Appearing on Amazon Launched a New Round of Rumors

iphone 5c cheap iphone cases
Titled as the Elago S5C Slim Fit 2, these items are supposed to go on sale August 23 or August 26. (Amazon)

A few weeks ago, Apple’s supplier Pegatron was being investigated on alleged labor abuses. Conducted by the China Labor Watch, the moles discovered plastic casing inscribed with “iPhone 5C” on the side. This was the first evidence we gained since Apple held its developer conference back in May. Eventually, cases claiming they were meant for the cheaper phone surfaced on Amazon, offering additional support that a cheaper smartphone was on the way.

2. Apple is Shipping TWO Phones to Stores This September


The iPhone 5C could accompany the golden iPhone 5S being released this fall. (AllThingsD)

The cases haven’t been confirmed but a recent reveal proves that we may definitely see two new phones this fall. Reports claim that Apple asked suppliers to prepare shipments for a “high-end” and “low-end” phone. The second choice appears to be the 5C based on previous reports about the phone from reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

3. It May Not Be as ‘Low-End’ as it Sounds

A basic “iPhone 5C” when images first appeared (Business Insider)

Conflicting reports have been issued about the 5C, claiming it will be more of a mid-range phone instead of a low-cost item. Kuo is well respected when it comes to his Apple assertions and he expects the phone to be between $400 and $500. This price may be more accurate if the mid-range is the target, but speculation went rampant since many avid Apple fans thought the plastic casing would reduce the price because it’s cheap to produce.

4. The iPhone 5C Could Control Smartphone Sales in China


The study shows the “sweet-spot” for iPhone 5C pricing (MacRumors)

A recent survey announced that the 5C could control sales in China and push Apple to first place. Beating Samsung would be an ideal decision since that electronics giant dominates that region. The Alphawise poll showed that the iPhone 5C would drive smartphones sales when paired with the iPhone 5S. Ultimately, it revealed that Chinese citizens would pay top dollar for this particular Apple product since they’re notoriously eager Apple customers. If Apple decides to do a rollout overseas first, this would be an indicator of how successful the phone will be in the U.S.

5. The iPhone 5C Could Erase the iPhone 5’s Existence


The shells of the iPhone 5C compared against other Apple products (MacRumors)

Possibly the biggest rumor related to this phone is that the new version will make Apple remove the 5 from shelves. Surprisingly, the 4S will live on with the 5C and 5S being the primary products on the market. If this is true, the 5C will definitely be a mid-range phone instead of the lower-cost alternative. It would make sense for the Silicon Valley Stalwart to eliminate certain items in order to establish strong identities for each phone. Both versions could have similar specs and features, so having the 4S would make differentiation much easier.

6. The ‘C’ Actually Stands for Color, Not Cost


Sonny Dickson, a tech blogger and Apple rumor all star, has become the primary source of these colorful photos. (Gizmodo)

The iPhone 5C will offer a new color trend for Apple by being sold in varying shades. These photos come from Sonny Dickson, a standout for breaking Apple news. His website hosts numerous images of these colorful cases and indicates the internal components will match the outside colors. It continues the trend of Apple attempting a brand new approach to selling their newest slate of smartphones. The flagship phone is going to have a champagne covering so it works well if the mid-range device has multiple options.

7. The Design is Similar to the iPhone 5

The build of the cheaper iPhone is very similar to the previous generation iPhone, according to the video Sonny Dickson shot. The estimated display length of 4 inches is similar to its predecessor’s. If the phone is the same as the 5, the similar schematics make sense. The yellow backplate offers more proof that this phone will have multi-color options. Typically, the “S” updates are only subtle upgrades compared with the other phones. The 5C will probably have the same internal components as well.

8. iPhone 5C vs. iPhone 5S: Which Will Win?


The “Champagne” case is an attractive option for customers seeking to buy the iPhone 5S (BGR)

Apple could have quite the predicament this fall if these two products launch at the same time. The features for both phones will be drastically different. The favored 5S could power a fingerprint scanner among other elements while the 5C could be the primary choice for Chinese customers based on the new partnership set up with Apple and China Mobile. The golden case covering the iPhone 5S is an attractive selling point. It’s hard to tell which will succeed, since this dual launch is unprecedented for Apple.

9. It’s Unclear How iOS 7 Factors Into the Fall Schedule

This summer, we’ve seen six betas of iOS 7. Apple’s mobile operating system is going to be a big hit with these phones, but we haven’t heard much about when it would be released. The new flat look combined with the continuous tweaks to the UI has made Apple fans salivate for the expected release. No rumors have been linked to these phones regarding their operating system. It’s hard to believe that Apple hasn’t made more significant announcements regarding this program based on the reaction it had at WWDC 2013.

10. All Eyes Are on September 10


Tim Cook teaching Dave Grohl how to use the iPhone (Getty)

After countless months of speculation and hypothesizing, September 10 should finally shed some light. The latest news is that these phones could be available for sale September 20, which fits the company’s pattern: Announce their newest slate of smartphones and send it to stores a few months later. The only detail we need is if both variations of the iPhone 5 will be sitting in stores at the same time.