Apple Confirms Gold iPhone Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

AllThingsD reports that Apple will be adding a gold color to their new wave of iPhones.

Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The Color is Actually “Champagne”


Courtesy of AllThingsD

Some call the color seen above as gold but others consider it “champagne.” The new color addition is peculiar but one possible reason Apple could be doing it is that they consider this shade to be a nice touch of classiness attached to this particular gadget. Described as an “elegant” shade of champagne, the iPhone 5s could have a white face with a gold-tone back plate and chamfered edging. AllThingsD obtained this information from its sources which are usually spot on.

2. Apple Has Never Done This Before With iPhones

iPod Mini Commercial – Tiny MachineiPod Mini Commercial – Tiny Machine2008-07-07T19:50:58.000Z

If this turns out to be true, Apple is clearly trying something different. Typically, their signature items are sold in two different colors. White and black are the two tones that are commonly associated with this brand of smartphone. Another rumor about this phone is that Apple is planning on launching a new product line with an iPhone 5C. Intended as a cheaper device for budgeted customers, the 5C could have a plastic case showing that the company is trying to develop a new strategy. This has been done with the iPod series before which makes sense as to why the company would apply this to their phones.

3. Speculation Began Last Week About Its Purpose


Macboutic obtained these pictures that instigated the next set of iPhone rumors. (Macboutic)

All of this information that news site claim came from reliable sources that Apple was approaching a new color scheme for the iPhone. As rumors swirled, the tech community began to consider the thought process behind this. Gold was the easiest color to anodize adding much more commercial value to it. Plus, one prominent rumor attached to the new iPhone is that it will be a 5S instead of a iPhone 6. When the tech corporation produces these products, the “S” updates contains more internal updates than external. This simple superficial selection could simply be a flashier marketing tactic.

4. Other Features Could Include a Fingerprint Security Scanner


The Fingerprint Scanner has been one of the most commonly associated features rumored to be part of the new phone (iJailbreak)

While the theory is that the gold casing will be the only major differentiator for the iPhone 5S, other ideas on alterations have surrounded the phone. Apple acquired security patent firm Authentec leading towards assumptions that the home button would contain a fingerprint scanner. These aspects have yet to be acknowledged but it would help emphasize the difference between the previous generation and the new expected to hit shelves this fall.

5. We’ll Find Out September 10


Boy Genius Report posted this mock-up of the possible golden case. (BGR)

The big iPhone event on September 10th will help shed some light on this new addition. Apple has quite a bit of pressure on it as the date rolls closer. If the company is planning to sell two variations on the phone for two different customer bases, clarity on each brand is important as they hope to out-sell each of their competitors. The inclusion of Carl Icahn combined with high expectations for these fall releases has placed more pressure on Tim Cook’s shoulders as he struggles to prove his worth.

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