WATCH: Apple’s New iPhone 5S Suffers Brutal Scratch Test

iPhone 5S VS KNIFE Gold Champagne Scratch Scuff Test Vs Black iPhone 5Thanks for watching and thumbs up / subscribe! The scratches caused by the coin did virtually no damage to the gold iPhone 5S while they caused quite a problem with the black iPhone 5. Because of the materials underneath the black version shows obvious holes in the paint that look terrible, this however was not…2013-08-28T03:27:27.000Z

The authenticity of these phones is questionable but the video above shows the champagne-covered iPhone 5S being subjected to a series of brutal scratch tests from a Youtube channel titled Jailbreak Nation.

The video compared the 5S against an iPhone 5, going through the most rigorous test trial we’ve seen since news of the gadget leaked out. Surprisingly, the testers avoid trying traditional methods of damage like dropping it, which was a similar route taken by the testers of the supposed cheaper iPhone a few weeks ago. The test starts out with simple scratching with spare change before progressing to more extensive harm with the powerful knife. The scratches are inflicted easily, but it shows that the golden sheen can withstand the damage by the quarter while both shells suffered under the knife.

The color is a new addition to this set of products for Apple so it is important to see how much abuse it can handle. Apple Insider explains that the gold phone’s anodization process prevented deep scratches from showing the aluminum underbelly. While this test was extreme, it’s important to see how the phone handles harm after “scuffgate.” Apple is set to unveil two new iPhones on September 10.

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