RUMOR: iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c Will Arrive in Japan September 20th?


Have we finally reached the end of the long tunnel of iPhone rumors? Let’s hope so, with this latest report. Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports that Apple’s iPhone 5S release date along with the iPhone 5C will be September 20.

Before fans in the U.S. get their hopes up, this news is a little off. Reputable tech blog CNET considers this article to be purely rumor wrangling. It talks about alot of features we already know like the color options and fingerprint sensor.

Apple’s M.O. for the fall usually consists of setting a date in September to conduct the announcement. Roll out follows a few weeks later with the phone being sent to stores. They followed the pattern with the iPhone 5 last year.

With an announcement on September 10 lined up, that’s probably when we should expect to gain a better idea about the release of these phones. Once again, it’s tough to take this as a fact since it elaborates on mobile carries that could support the phone in Japan. While that is the only new piece of information we can gather, it reiterates the usual news we’ve heard for weeks now. Adding to the confusion is why both items would go to international markets first before they reach the U.S.

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