Report: Apple Tells Suppliers to Ship TWO New iPhones for September

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has asked assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. to prepare shipments of two different types of iPhones for early September.

The phones were described as “high-end” and “low-end,” possibly signifying that the iPhone line is going to diversify. The “high-end” phone is probably going to be the iPhone 5S. Available in a “champagne” accented cover, this creation is expected to be Apple’s flagship phone. The “low-end” iPhone will probably be the 5C. Intended as the cheaper version to buy, the 5C will be covered in a durable plastic as well as have multiple color options.

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Suppliers had been preparing for this possibility well in advance and had begun manufacturing these components in June.

This fits Apple’s pattern perfectly. The corporation usually sends their new phones to stores a couple of weeks after they host their official media event. However, the firm will be setting a new precedent under Tim Cook’s leadership. The firm has two choices. Apple can plan to give the official declaration of these phones on September 10 or opt to announce both items separately.

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