Apple TV Update Adds Vevo, Disney Apps: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Apple TV has introduced five new streaming channels to its massive content library, including Vevo and Disney.

Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. VeVo Has 75,000 Music Videos in its Library


This latest announcement confirms the rumors of Vevo preparing an Apple-centric app. Vevo has 75,000 music videos in its library and will offer a range of live concert performances and original programming. The addition of Vevo is part of Apple’s efforts to expand their content options outside of Youtube, according to Techcrunch. The music videos that will be broadcasted on the TV continue the strong relationship Apple has with the music industry.

2. Disney Channel and Disney XD Have Some Restrictions

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Unfortunately, the new update has caused restrictions for some of these programs like Disney and Disney XD. Both of these apps offer live and on-demand access as long as subscribers input certain passwords based on subscribers’ television carriers, because they originally were pay channels. Despite that, Disney channel has an extensive library of material meant for kids that could make this just a minor hindrance for parents eager to entertain their children. The trend for these new additions seems to be expanding on previous relationships, since Disney has been a reliable partner in the iTunes store.

3. The Smithsonian Channel Provides More Educational Content

Smithsonian ChannelWatch full episodes and short videos from Smithsonian Channel's vast library of shows about everything from space exploration to world history and wild animals to popular music. Watch Smithsonian Channel here: Watch more:

Offering educational programs from the nation’s most famous museum, the Smithsonian channel will be nice counter-programming among the other streaming apps like HBOGO and WatchESPN.

Programming will include shows exploring world history and the planet accompanied by kid-friendly shows too. This one will be available for free just like its counterparts.

4. The Weather Channel Is the Final New Addition to the Library

Welcome To The Weather ChannelThe Weather Channel is an American cable and satellite television network devoted entirely to weather.Here you can see the day's top weather forecasts, stories and expert insights from the most trusted source in weather. Follow Us On Twitter –… Like Us On Facebook –…2013-06-18T16:28:10.000Z

The Weather Channel will provide viewers with instant access to local and national forecasts. The app could also break into live shows to deliver updates on emergency weather alerts, according to AllThingsD. Essentially, content is similar to its iOS app offering. The Weather Channel will display reports based on your location, with the option to switch over to any documentaries or shows.

5. Is Apple Still Working on a Streaming TV Service?


One of the rumored Apple projects is some form of streaming TV service similar to Google’s Chromecast. News about the project has been pretty quiet, but Apple’s aggressive app expansion could mean we’ll see developments in the near future. These streaming channels would have excellent capabilities, working along a multi-platform device.

The acquisition of could mean that Apple is planning a guide to its impressive selection of shows. We hope the company that prides itself on innovation can surprise us soon.

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