Candy Crush Game Cheats: Top 10 Hardest Levels You Need to Know [VIDEO]

candy crush saga hard levels

Candy Crush Saga is one of those games that is equal parts addictive and frustrating. Like crack, Candy Crush is both sweet and soul crushing (as it’s name implies), so it’s no wonder that some of the levels are some of the hardest fare you’ll touch in any mobile game.

If you’re stuck or frustrated, as is standard fare in Candy Crush Saga, here’s ten videos that may help you with some of the hardest stages the game has to offer.

1. Level 33

Candy Crush Saga – HOW TO DO level 33 very easyVisit for the list with ALL available Candy Crush Howto's and a weekly New Game & More! You can also Follow me on Instagram, Facebook.. Visit! NO BOOSTERS Please subscribe & visit the Facebook Page for How to's, Tickets/Friends and More! Candy Crush Saga- HOW TO do level 33 very easy and…2013-03-15T01:20:06.000Z

2. Level 29

Candy Crush Saga How to pass Level 29Watch this to see how to complete this level. Visit our website for help and tips. Or join our FB Group.

3. Level 252

Candy Crush Saga: Level 252 – 2,027,280 PointsI made it to "the dream level" of Candy Crush Saga: Level 252! I wanted to beat Franco Berdini's 10M score on this level and get 12M on video. However, I eventually realized that it would take a long time (and a lot of space on the laptop's hard drive, even with Bandicam) to do.…2013-04-16T22:10:41.000Z

4. Level 455

Candy Crush Saga Level 455Candy Crush Saga Level 455 – played by Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Playlist: Facebook-Link:

5. Level 440

Candy Crush Saga Level 440Candy Crush Saga Level 440 – played by Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Playlist: Facebook-Link:

6. Level 97

Candy Crush Saga Level 97Candy Crush Saga Level 97 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

7. Level 92

Candy Crush 92Candy Crush level 92, no boosters.2012-06-06T19:35:26.000Z

8. Level 65

Candy Crush Saga Level 65Candy Crush Saga Level 65 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

9. Level 200

Candy Crush Saga Level 200Candy Crush Saga Level 200 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

10. Level 70

candy crush saga level 702012-09-02T18:14:55.000Z

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