WATCH: College Humor Teases Tech Industry With New Commercial

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Fall 2013 is turning out to be big launch pad for many tech companies newest products. Samsung is set announce the Galaxy Note 3 next week while Apple’s two new iPhones are going to arrive September 10th. The struggling computer giant Microsoft is set to deliver a new build for Windows as well. Google Glass, a new trend in wearable computers, was going to be one of the big tech items sold this christmas before its actual release date got moved. Customers have a considerable selection to choose from.

Most people can feel a little overwhelmed with all this tech talk so College Humor has created a great new video. Titled “Every Tech Commercial”, this hilarious piece of comedy pokes fun at all the buzzwords and tech jargon these organizations use as they try to entice you to buy their new gizmos and gadgets.

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If this video was trying to sell something real like a “wearable computer” or “phablet“, this would be a pretty convincing ad. With all the “handsome, young people” smiling over the indie rock soundtrack playing lightly in the background, this video could pass for a pretty legitimate advertisement.

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