Looking to Convert YouTube to Mp3? Here’s the Best Way.

youtube mp3 convert

While this process is fairly straightforward, it can be done wrong, horribly wrong. Many of the sites that offer this service are more than happy to install horrific spyware on your computer, and at the same time, not provide you with the MP3 you so desperately seek. So, to guarantee your success we provide this guide.

1. The Best Site to Use.

By our lights, this site is the best bang for your proverbial non-dollar (it’s free). Not only is the site reasonably clean of annoying ads, it’s shockingly fast. Simply input your Youtube URL into the text box above the “Convert Video” button, hit convert, and the site will rapidly provide you with a blue link that says “download.” Click it, and save the file. Boom, you’re all set. It’s that simple.

2. Things to Watch Out For

While the above site is extremely simple to use, and seemed reliable and safe, Youtube often takes sites like these down as they don’t want you grabbing the latest Rihanna MP3 for free off this site, or ones like it. If this site goes down, here are some rules to follow on an alternative site:

A. Only download .mp3s. Do not use download managers or any other non-sense.

B. If you can’t find a good website for to convert YouTube videos to Mp3s, consider using an extension. Here’s one for Chrome, and one for Firefox.