Facebook Flaunts Its Newsfeed Algorithm EdgeRank, Showcasing New Updates

The newsfeed is a peculiar oddity lodged into the core of Facebook. The social media giant’s community of users doesn’t seem to understand its role. Fortunately, Facebook revealed the code that makes it all work.

Known as EdgeRank, the algorithm is the reason why stories involving your ex-girlfriend appear as soon as you sign on while news of an engagement gets sent to the bottom of the pile.


To a packed crowd of journalists, Facebook’s VP of Product Chris Cox explained the role EdgeRank plays as well as updates and tweaks coming to the newsfeed section. One of the recent changes to this section of your social media profile is a tool that will notify of you of missed stories or unseen posts. The catch is that these specific posts have to still be active in terms of getting likes, comments, etc.


Two other new features the execs discussed were “Last Actor”and “Chronological By Actor.” While the classic feed is seen above, the aptly named activities consist of different actions. The former focuses on the last 50 people you’ve interacted with and lets you select feeds to like. This pushes this content up front for you to view things you care about. The latter is an attempt to understand real-time content and condenses it into a comprehensible stream.

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Ultimately, the company discarded Edge Rank in favor of this new system. The execs in attendance admitted they were confused about the news feed but concluded the presentation with that fact. This object will probably provide confusion still but it shows that the social media giant’s determination to provide the best UI experience possible.

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