Google Maps Adds Waze Realtime Incident Reports to Android & iOS Apps

After acquiring social map app Waze in June, Google has begun using its resources to enhance its map app’s user experience.

The app updates during a trip to help drivers find the best possible route. (Google Play Store)

Instead of completely incorporating Waze into Google’s current map system, the company has harnessed the program’s social community to incorporate real-time incident reports to Google Maps on iOS & Android.

Despite an intended international expansion, the update has one drawback. Members of the Waze community can post these reports but Google Map App users can only view them.


Reporting various incidents on the road gives this GPS App an edge over the competition. (Google Play Store)

To provide more integration, Google has integrated their search function into the Waze app along with including Google Street View to the program’s map editor to build out the service and alter any errors that may appear.

Map apps are a crucial element of these tech titan’s business. We’ve seen what has happened before when companies don’t take the time to create a worth-while program. Google had beat Apple and Facebook in acquiring this Israeli-based firm.

While the merger took place a few months ago, this is the first sign Google is actively using Waze’s resources to improve its Maps. If managed correctly, Waze can morph Google Maps into an effective navigation tool. A social map could be what the corporation needs when it comes to selling a superb smartphone this fall.