iOS 7 Beta 5 New Features: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Surprisingly, the fifth beta of Apple’s operating system is now available for developers. The development center has been struggling since an “alleged” hacking attempt, but the version is now accessible for the lucky users with the pre-release software.

Here’s what you should know about the latest iteration of Apple’s groundbreaking new mobile operating system.

1. Icons in the Setting Menus Have Been Changed


Macrumors posted this image detailing the alterations the fifth beta made. Comparing the current version with the previous one, it shows that they are pretty obvious. The shift between basic blue icons to brightly colored buttons isn’t exactly revolutionary. However, it is one of the numerous surface tweaks emphasizing iOS 7’s goal of a more polished UI.

2. Power Slide Gets New Animation

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This feature got a sleek new look in the latest beta. The button is painted as a shimmering swipe bar. This icon is an essential element of all of these operating systems. From the video above, users can hold down the power button to activate it. Once a finger slides across the bar, a new animation kicks in.

3. Control Center Received The Most Upgrades


The control center seemed to be one of the focal points when it came to making the fifth beta. Macrumors notes that a new function lets control center be turned off while in apps. This prevents access to the hub while locked in to playing games and using other content. It should be a relief for users since having to swipe out of this during a game tended to be annoying and time consuming.

4. Two Different Colored Screens Are Present

Twitter user Kevin Klinkmuler discovered a new color pattern for iPhone users. For white iPhone owners, a white install screen appears within the new software. The screen turns the similar shade while the Apple logo floats stationary in the center. Black iPhones have a dark install screen when activating a black Apple handset. For the fifth gen iOS, this is an interesting addition to enhance the user interface but doesn’t really improve an important part of the operating system.

5. Call Buttons Look Like Actual Buttons While Talking on the Phone


Another set icons that were fixed was the series of call buttons. Compared to iOS 7 Beta 4, this generation has increased the size of the menu. The circles are more rounded while the signs are bigger than its predecessor. Essentially, the contain more definition to support navigation across the call menu.

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6. The Twitter Button Got a Similar Treatment


Developers seemed to target numerous icon designs to help with accessibility. The icon is a lighter shade located in the Airbox section. From what we can tell, it only received a superficial operation and nothing more. The program still performs the same way but was recreated to fit the new theme in beta 5. The color scheme was just basically reversed.

7. It Still Has Quite A Few Bugs In The System


Apple Insider noticed there were still some errors to work out of iOS 7 Beta 5, but that’s expected. Apple informed the developer community that app downloads can become stuck in a “waiting” mode but that particular problem can be navigated around by rebooting the device once or twice. Password fields were not displayed in landscape mode for different purchases. These bugs are going to always be there but this the most stable iteration so far.

8. Apple TV Beta Includes iPhone Device Sync


Last week, the fourth OS beta was packaged with a new seed for the radio system. The fifth seed for iOS 7 was accompanied by fourth-gen seed for Apple TV. The new features encased within this program allowed Apple customers to sync their various Apple gadgets to the set top box. This ultimately morphs the phone or tablet into a fully functional remote.

9. Accessibility Became the Big Focus


The emphasis was on accessibility for the fifth seed for this mobile OS. From camera swipe access from the lock screen to toggling on/off label options. Banner notifications were simplified thanks to the ability to pull down the message and find more information. These changes are a nice touch but they will probably keep morphing as time goes on.

10. Can Apple Confirm a September Release Date?


The company needs to confirm when the new products will be coming out. iOS 7 Beta 5 is the most refined version we’ve seen yet. This continues a trend of the mobile OS being released every two weeks. It’s a positive sign that this so well made with the fall approaching quickly. The chances that we’ll see a beta 6 are reasonably high. Apple uses these seeds as gauges to see what works before they distribute the final product. Ultimately, we have high expectations after this version.

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