Final iOS 7 Release Date & Download Set for September 10?


Will we see iOS7 on September 10? It looks like it based on this email.

Posted by developer Owen Williams, the message comes from the company behind Siri known as Nuance. Since both companies work closely together, there is some truth to this, but Apple enthusiasts should still tread lightly.

The biggest hint this email gives is “GA.” This is implied to mean general availability.

The last beta to be released was iOS 7 Beta 6 a few weeks ago with a few minor updates to iTunes. iOS 7 Beta 7 was expected to be seeded to developers a few weeks ago based on the release schedule Apple established over the summer. Since that version never surfaced, it looks more and more likely that iOS 7 Beta 5 was the last significant overhaul before the golden master is distributed.

Some sources are skeptical that Nuance would have information about the official launch before Apple. Originally, it was believed that the GM would be tested by developers September 5. The goal would have been to have them work out all the glitches so the general audience would acquire a perfectly polished OS.

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Nuance is a close partner for Apple so this rumor has some credibility. Also, Apple has simultaneously released new iPhones and gold master of iOS before. However, one developer posting this e-mail is hardly enough to go on yet. We will keep you updated!

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