WATCH: Mark Zuckerberg Launches to Bring Internet to Starving People

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg teamed up with his fellow tech titans to create, which is announced in the video above. Its purpose is to make Internet access available to 5 billion people in developing countries.

The partners’ plan includes focusing on these major points. The first one is affordability, where the company is working on creating cheaper smartphones enabling quicker access. Data efficiency is the next intended target, where Facebook wants to research ways to provide Internet using less bandwidth. Ultimately, this tech team up hopes to open up access to the global information network.

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While the intention of the program is admirable, the developing world has bigger concerns than this. Other tech companies have been thinking of ways of approaching this “issue”, such as Google’s Project Loon seen below.

Once Zuckerberg’s video appeared, it was met with some understandable skepticism. Many of these nations are in chaos. Mass genocides, devastating wars and rampant hunger are among the issues plaguing the developing world. With these concerns, it’s a bit puzzling why these billionaires can’t come up with better ways to spend their money on more pressing issues. Let us know what you think below.