MOGA Android Controller Hands-On Impressions: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

MOGA Android Controller

Mobile gaming is a social phenomena that has really taken off in recent years, and encapsulates everyone from commuters, to moms, to everything in between. Leading the charge in converting mobile gamers to the controller experience, PowerA has debuted the MOGA Android Controller, a device that converts your Android gaming experience into one more akin to what a console gamer might have on the Xbox 360 or PS3.

We sat down with developers of the MOGA Mobile controller for Android and played some classic and recent games to the tune of Crazy Taxi, Grand Theft Auto III and Muffin Knight. Here’s what we thought.

1. There Are Two Different Styles of Controller

MOGA android controller

Rather than just featuring one type of controller, the develops at MOGA created two separate controllers to meet the disparate needs of on-the-go gamers. Improving upon previous designs and taking the needs of their audience fully into account, MOGA will debut two different controllers this Fall, the MOGA Pro Power controller (featured above) and the MOGA Hero Power Controller (featured below). Both controllers have similar functionality, and allow you to attach your Android device directly to the controller, creating an immersive console experience with in-app titles playable directly from your Android-powered phone or Tablet.

What differentiates the two is the size, the Hero controller can literally be picked up and folded into your pocket, and is perfect for on-the-go gaming. On the other hand (or hands, if we’re speaking controllers), the Power Pro controller has a more ergonomic design and functions exactly as a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller would, only more intuitive and with a more functional grip.

2. The Controller Charges Your Phone On The Go

MOGA android gaming

One of the worst parts of gaming on any mobile device is that it just uses too much power. An hour morning commute of gaming could easily run down the battery of a tablet or phone to 70% or less. What makes the MOGA Mobile Controllers unique is that they come with a cord that plugs directly into your phone, recharging your phone as your game. More than likely, you’ll come out of the whole experience with your phone having more battery life than it did before you started gaming, which is something we’re really not complaining about.

3. 125 Games Will Be Available In-App

MOGA Android Games App

The starting games library for MOGA is quite exhaustive, and features a variety of games that are available on Google Play. The top publisher backed and indie developed titles were ported, working directly with the developers to optimize the controllers for MOGA. What results is an intuitive experience that more than replicates Xbox Live Arcade or Playstation Network, ported directly to your Android device.

4. There Are Plans For An iOS release

MOGA controller iOS

While MOGA is currently only available for Android devices, Apple’s iOS 7 is allowing third party controllers to be developed for the first time in Apple history with its devices. MOGA is one of the handful of development studios currently working with Apple to create a new controller for their devices, potentially doubling the audience of mobile gamers for the MOGA Controller. An exciting development, a new version of the MOGA controller will soon be compatible with many of the quality games in the App Store.

5. The Controller Handles Like A True Console Experience

Playing MOGA Games

Personally, I’m pretty happy with my MOGA console experience.

Crucial to the MOGA experience is player feedback, and the MOGA controller truly models itself around what the consumer wants. In previous iterations of the controller, functionality was far less prevalent, and store-bought batteries were required to keep the controller going. Now, that’s all been thrown out the proverbial window, and as stated above, the controller more closely replicates the console experience, with added touch functionality. Games can be played with a combination of controller, touch, and voice commands, riding the wave of what may be the future standard for gaming in the next decade.

The current controllers on the market are the Pocket MOGA Controller, which is priced at $29.99, and the Pro MOGA Controller, which is priced at $49.99. These do not charge your phone, but the Fall release of the Power Pro and Hero Power will both include this functionality.