Save The Date? New iPhone (6?) May Be Unveiled September 10

AllThingsD reports that Apple has some big news coming on September 10. According to their sources, the computer company could be unveiling the fabled iPhone 6.


These are concepts drawn up for the possible iPhone 6, despite persistent rumors indicating that the newest iPhone will only be an update to the iPhone 5. (Phone Arena)

With the actual name of the phone far from confirmed as well as the features being verified, all eyes will be on Apple for a very busy fall.

The iPhone provides one of the company’s largest revenue streams. Every year, the firm attempts to alter, adjust, and add to to their smartphones in hopes of maintaining their grasp on this particular market.

Typically, the Silicon Valley firm employs an early fall release strategy to capitalize on the crucial holiday season.


This worked well last fall. Apple announced the iPhone 5 in early September 2012, leading to increased demand for the winter. (Getty)

Speculation has been rampant as various previews for the “iPhone 5S” and cheaper alternative “iPhone 5C” haves surfaced in some form online. From features like fingerprint sensors and plastic cases, these two devices have been debated about for months now. The video seen below is another factor that has sparked these rumors with the alleged appearance of the case containing the budget iPhone.

For the fall, Apple has other projects waiting in the wings like refined versions of its OS X mavericks desktop operating system in conjunction with a new iPad too. The popular iOS 7 Beta will receive its final upgrade and be presented with the latest slate of smartphones.

Ultimately, the company has had a rough few months. The development center was hit with a hacking attempt that could have derailed production of its operating program. They also lost their considerable hold on their share of the smartphone market.

Hopefully, Tim Cook and his staff acknowledge this event soon since they need to prove why they’re still the leaders in innovation. Don’t mark your calendars just yet, but Macrumors claims that official media invites should arrive this week. Once those appear online, this event is 100 percent true.