WATCH: Is This the New iPad 5 and iPhone 5C?


Japanese site Mac Otakara posted two videos online displaying partially assembled iPad 5’s and the cheaper iPhone 5. These two items are projects that Apple supposedly has in the pipeline but has yet to acknowledge. Intended as the cheaper alternative, the iPhone 5C is supposed to accompany the predicted iPhone 5S this fall.

The videos arrive a few days after photos of the rear aluminum casing appeared for the the fifth gen tablet. Despite the standard logo that was seen in those pictures, the video below displays a translucent Apple insignia on the back. The likelihood that this is the actual tablet remains unknown.

The budget iPhone became a big topic of discussion after a labor abuse investigation into one of Apple’s suppliers. While exploring how the company called Pegatron was mistreating workers, images of plastic cases with “iPhone 5C” inscribed on the side. The other video posted by user Sonny Dickson showed the alleged rear shell and front parts of the bezel. A few months ago, Techdy declared they had gotten their hands on the genuine article While the designs seem familiar, it’s still hard to guage which is genuine. Check out Mac Otakara’s video below and you be the judge.