Robert Downey Jr. Endorses ‘Change’ in $1 Billion HTC Campaign to Rival Apple & Samsung

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The smartphone sovereigns, Apple and Samsung, have had a strangehold on this market for years. Both tech titans produce luxurious gadgets that customers love and adore. But with a heated patent battle happening between these two firms, an opening has been made. In an effort to usurp the throne, HTC is attempting to reinvent itself in the public eye.

Dubbed the “Here’s To Change” campaign, this two-year-long advertising onslaught commences with spokesperson Robert Downey Jr. appearing in the ad above. The Sherlock Holmes star knows a thing or two about rehabilitation, which is why the iron-clad action hero fits nicely into HTC’s strategy.

Downey reportedly received $12 million to appear in these promos over the course of its lifespan. The whopping price of this campaign is estimated at $1 billion.

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HTC begins its rollout by having consumers devise different ways to think about HTC. On the company website, an acronym generator produces dozens of different combinations sharable on social media. The first ad with the actor is only a preview as the official launch of this crusade is set to begin August 15.