RUMOR: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Unveiled September 4, Beating iWatch

September is turning into a prime month for product launches as multiple tech companies gear up to present their newest inventions.

If rumors are true, Samsung may have something big planned for September 4th. Set to be unveiled at the IFA conference along with the company’s newest phablet, the latest entry into the competitive smart watch market could arrive.


IFA Conference guest testing out Samsung’s 2012 tablet. (Getty)

Possibly called Samsung Galaxy Gear, the fashionable piece of tech could do a variety of functions. The operating system is projected to be an Android variant, which is typically in line with what powers the series of tablets they own. Make phone calls, play video games as well as send e-mails are just a few of the tasks being discussed with this wearable computer.

Beating Apple to market with this item would provide Samsung with a serious edge over its most vicious competition. Tim Cook and his staff had applied for a trademark two months ago as well as hired former fashion exec Paul Deneve to lead “special projects.” However, the watch isn’t a unique tool since Sony and other firms either have watches on the market or are plotting to produce something similar.

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Google can be blamed for kickstarting this newest fad with their futuristic Google Glass but Samsung could be the last organization to capitalize on this latest craze if this release goes poorly. After the petty patent wars between Apple and Samsung, the South Korean conglomerate needs a big win.

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