Vine Reaches 40 Million Users: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Vine, the six-second-video app created by Twitter and available on Android and iOS, was expected to be crushed by the rollout of Instagram’s video feature. But defying expectations, Vine has reached 40 million users.

Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. Vine Reached 40 Million Users After 7 Months

The service tweeted their big accomplishment yesterday. This jump in users is impressive since they were only at 13 million two months ago. For Vine, this is a moment to celebrate but there is but it still has to contend with Instagram and other video platforms. 100 Million users on Instagram’s video service compared to Vine’s 40 million dwarfs it in comparison but Vine should still be happy.

2. Video On Instagram Was Supposed To Destroy Vine

Another amazing thing about this is that it surpassed expectations especially when Instagram’s video feature arrived. Many predicted that Instagram video would demolish the service since that video sharing system had more features to offer than its rival. From the time videos could run to the sharing capabilities across other social networks.

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3. Comedy May Have Kept it Alive

The L.A. Times presents an interesting theory about how Vine could have acquired this tremendous audience. Twitter’s creation focused on comedy, building a niche to attract viewers and users. The six-second videos spurred a large amount of comedic creativity. This lead to multiple sites like Vinescope offering it endless self promotion. They key was finding a target audience and Vine may have hit the jackpot.

4. These Numbers Could Be Inflated


To possibly put a damper on Vine’s achievement, there is a confusing fact about these numbers. Vine proclaimed they topped 40 million users but didn’t elaborate on what that meant. Vine’s 40 million users could be just the actively registered users who spend significant time on their profile. There is a possibility Vine could have inflated these stats since people are prone to create profiles and let them lie dormant for an extended period. The chart above from analytics firm Topsy shows the big difference between both sites. Instagram has more links than its competitor, which raises more suspicion about Vine’s claims.

5. Instagram May Have Won This Battle but Vine Could Win the War


It doesn’t look like Twitter will be releasing accurate numbers anytime soon. This makes it hard to gauge how honestly successful Vine has been over the past few months. Twitter needs to emphasize specific advantages going forward. If Vine can emphasize its niche attraction as a creative source for a new series of comedians, Instagram’s future as a video-sharing powerhouse could become questionable.