Apple iPhone Keynote Event 2013: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Apple demoed the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and the final version of iOS 7 at its annual keynote.

1. Apple CEO Tim Cook Finally Ended Months of Rumors


Tim Cook launched two new iPhones set to arrive in stores September 20th (Getty)

The iPhone 5s, iPhone 5C and iOS 7 are three of the most anticipated releases this fall. Tim Cook clarified numerous rumors and leaks that have surfaced over the past few months. Nearly every thing we’ve learned about the two new iPhones was proven accurate. From the names of both of the new devices to the actual features like the fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button, both gadgets will make an impact this fall.

2. Siri Was The First Subject Of The Upgrade Discussion


Former Apple Exec Scott Forstall introducing Siri for the first time in October 2011 (Getty)

The popular digital assistant has become an important part of Apple’s iPhone line. Siri was the first subject of the upgrade discussion. With the final version of iOS 7, Siri has many new features that will come with two new iPhones. The most startling development is that users can diverge from the traditional path and change Siri’s voice to a man. While that may shock some old-school fans, other new additions including a twitter and wikipedia search. The interface emphasizes the new re-design iOS 7 will be bringing when it comes out at the end of the month too.

3. The Final Download of iOS 7 Will Be September 18th


Apple SVP Craig Federighi announcing the download for the final iOS 7 (Getty)

The popular mobile operating system will debut for free next week on all of the current iPhones and iPad. New Siri features are part of the last package for iOS 7 as well as but the program received a number of tweaks. Apple demoed the new visual experience that iOS 7 promised back in June. Multi-tasking capabilities are enhanced allowing for different panels to appear at once akin to viewing something through Google Chrome or Safari. Photo albums were significantly improved as well with new graphics.

4. Apple Announces The iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C


A series of new iPhones sat outside the keynote for attendees to try before its official public release (Getty)

This was the centerpiece of the whole show. The iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C are new experiments for Apple in multiple ways. The iPhone 5S doesn’t diverge from the previous iPhone 5 by much but the iPhone 5C is the first time the company is trying out a budget phone to compete in emerging markets. While that is the biggest differentiation between the two devices, the iPhone 5s is certainly the new flagship phone for Apple’s most famous devices. The gold-plated cover, high powered camera and A7 processor compared to the new iPhone 5C.

5. The iPhone 5C Will Be Sold In Two Different Versions


In an effort to stay more competitive, Apple will launch a budget iPhone in emerging markets (Getty)

As an effort to dispel the notion of over-priced products, Apple will sell the new iPhone 5C in two different types. The 16GB will be sold for $99 dollars while the 32GB will be in stores selling for $199. The price makes it more accessible for buyers to try out the Apple iPhone while the cheap prices will enable Apple to gain a stronger hold over the smartphone market in other areas of the country.

6. The iPhone 5S Will Be More Expensive


Customers will have plenty of choices from Apple to pick a new smartphone (Getty)

The iPhone 5S is being positioned as Apple’s new flagship smartphone for the fall and the cost is quite different from its cheaper counterpart. With three different version to pick from, the iPhone 5S has the chance to overshadow the iPhone 5C in terms of sales. $199 for 16GB will be the most cost-effective choice while it increase for each model that has more memory. $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB are the next steps up but the iPhone 5S has a series of new features that may make the extra cost worth it.

7. The iPhone 5S Will Be The First 64-Bit Smartphone


Apple will have multiple covers for the next set of new phones (Getty)

In an intriguing development, Apple revealed that the iPhone 5S would be the first ever 64 bit smartphone. The internal core will run on an A7 processor providing the phone with a much faster performance speed and a cool new feature called the M7 processor which will keep track of movement when tracking connections for Wi-Fi.

8.Expect The iPhone 5S To Have A Longer Battery Life and Hi-Def Camera


A group of journalists testing the new phones after the keynote (Getty)

These were the other two new additions that could the iPhone 5S the ultimate advantage over its competitors. The battery life runs for almost ten hours of talk time while the camera quality is greatly improved with the ability to capture 120 frames per second and a burst mode that will enable 10 frames to be caught fluctuating between different photography settings. Essentially, the iPhone camera will become your own personal camera that can produce creative photo albums and unique moments.

9.The Major Release Dates Will Be Taking Place Next Week


Journalists getting their first look at the three different colors of the iPhone 5s (Getty)

The smartphone wars have just gotten started with all of the major release dates for these products coming next week. Pre-orders for the iPhone 5S &iPhone 5C start Friday September 13th. The actual date the smartphones will arrive in stores is September 20th beginning the first long fight for dominance over winter sales. The most anticipated download of iOS 7 will be taking place September 18th. The final installment will be sent to the most recent generation of iPhones and iPads with another version attached to the two new phones next week. These downloads will be free of charge.

10. Where Were The Other Apple Products?


This gold iPhone isn’t the only thing Apple has left to launch this year (Getty)

The two new iPhones along with iOS 7 are not the only items Apple is sending out this fall. The phones were certainly the focus of this media event but there were some notable absences. Without a mention of OS X Mavericks, new iPads or upcoming laptops Apple enthusiasts were left in the dark. Those are the only rumors left for Apple to clarify as we descend deeper into this year’s installment of smartphone season. OS X Mavericks is rumored to come out sometime next month while definite details surrounding new tablets/laptops are still vague. Keep checking back here for more information as we prepare you on how to pre-order each phone and decide which one is right for you!

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