How Not to Accidentally Upload Dick Pics to Facebook Like London’s Deputy Mayor


One of the tamer pictures that appeared on the deputy mayor’s facebook before he took them down. (Gawker)

Politics and privacy never seem to mesh well in this new digital age. While “Carlos Danger” has been a hot topic of discussion when it comes to this subject, a new politician from across the pond may have taken some of the heat off Anthony Weiner. According to Trending Central, former deputy mayor of London Richard Barnes had several dick pics appear on his public facebook page last night before promptly removing them.


Some of these NSFW images were caught by some of his followers before they were taken down.

The cause of this over-sharing incident may have been due to the auto-load feature found on the Facebook iPhone app according to Gawker’s report. Called “Photo Sync,” this optional part of the program instantly uploads photos over a strong Wi-Fi connection. Fortunately, this can be turned off quickly through your app settings. Additionally, The Verge notes that feature instantly turns off when battery power goes low.

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Clearly, this was a mistake with the app but Barnes told reporters at The Mirror that he was the victim of hackers who posted these NSFW images on the conservative politician’s social media profile. While Barnes’s antics were much more tame compared to the adventures of Carlos Danger, just remember to shut off your privacy settings before sending that special someone a salacious image.

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