RUMOR: Amazon Will Create A New Smartphone And Sell It For FREE?


CEO Jeff Bezos hosting a Kindle Fire press conference last fall (Getty)

A rumored smartphone made by online retailer Amazon may be sold completely free on according to a new report. Jessica Lessin and Amir Afrati, two former Wall Street Journal reporters, write that it will be sold for free to customers based on information gathered from anonymous sources at Amazon.

Afrati and Lessin elaborate on the actual plans for the device. The smartphone will be completely free of contracts and that Amazon made it clear they didn’t want customers to be attached to expensive wireless plans.

The reporters indicate this plan is still in the long term planning stages. The phone would run on the Android operating system similar to the Kindle Fire tablets. With no launch date in sight, this phone has the potential to accomplish the goal of taking over emerging markets. That seems to be the new buzzword as Apple plans to launch a new low-cost iPhone to attract more customers in these specified areas. This story is still developing so we will keep you updated.