Google Play Vending Machines Appear In Tokyo Selling Android Games


Google Japan has created a series of Google Play vending machines that can dispense Android games. (Engadget)

Google Japan has created a series of vending machines that offers a combination of 18 free & paid-for titles for smartphone users running Android 4.0 according to Engadget.

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The machine does not produce physical games but lets users hook their phones into the machine as long as you have NFC enabled on your device. Downloading commences as you can pick and choose which app you want. However, if you don’t have an android-operated phone the machine will give you a fully functional Nexus 4 in an effort to boost sales.

It’s unknown if these machines will arrive in the states but three of these creations seem to be appearing in Tokyo. The country already has an obsession with vending machines. One particular blog’s purpose is to capture subtle changes to these machines especially with the content they produce. This is a smart invention since apps from the Google Play store are slowly catching up to Apple in terms of downloads and devices. These machines could push that past Apple giving Google and Android a series competitive edge.

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