Google Unveils New Search Algorithm: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Google celebrates its 15 year milestone tomorrow by adding a series of new features to the search engine. The new algorithm called Hummingbird was introduced and a series of updates were introduced for every Google Search program. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. Hummingbird Is The First Big Change For Search In Three Years


The press conference took place in the same garage where Google got its start. (Getty)

The press conferenced took place in the same garage unveiling this new algorithm called Hummingbird. The algorithm is part of Google’s birthday celebration and is the first significant update to Google’s core business since 2010. It affects 90% of searches and has been in place for about a month according to Senior Google Search VP Amit Singhal. “Caffeine” was the last algorithm Google had in place before switching over to this new creation.

2. iOS Apps Are Updated With Push Alerts


The series of iOS Apps received a tremendous overhaul getting updated with similar features for the Android programs (Google)

The iOS app will update with new push notifications according to The Verge. Google Now push buttons will appear on the platform enabling quicker alerts. It should make the program work more predictably like its Android cousin. Also, a new innovation for the iOS app will allow users to directly ask the app to save reminders for you.

3.Knowledge Graphs Can Now Provide Comparisons


Knowledge Graphs have been significantly beefed up offering product comparisons and more features. (Google)

Techcrunch notes that Knowledge graphs can now offer comparisons. This facet of Google Search can now provide more refined results when searching for specific queries. The charts can provide in-depth comparisons for products, food etc.

4. New Voice Queries Lets You Have A Full Conversation With Google


Voice Queries For Google can conduct conversations with you to deliver better searches (Google)

The search engine can now talk back to you with updated voice queries. The voice search is incorporated into all mobile and web platforms and can give answers no matter where you are.

5. Google Is Celebrating Its 15th Birthday Tomorrow


Google lets you take a trip back time by typing in “Google In 1998”.

These new features for the powerful company are indicative of how far Larry Page and Sergey Brin have taken it. All of these tools will be activated across all the platforms shortly. For a good time-waster, type in “Google In 1998” to the current search engine and take a trip back in time to when the company first started.

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