How to Schedule Your In-Store Pickup for the iPhone 5S Online

Apple has re-activated the in-store pickup plan for the iPhone 5S after launching it for a brief time last week. The demand for the phone caused them to take the feature down immediately so its unknown how long this may last. In case you are still interested in purchasing this gadget, here’s how you can schedule your in-store pickup.

1. Head To The Apple Store Website And Choose iPhone 5S


Visit the Apple Store’s homepage and then select “Choose iPhone 5S” to be taken to the screen above. The menu gives you a series of options to choose from in terms of customization. Choose which color you would like for your iPhone 5S and then choose from which model with the most memory for your own mobile carrier.

2. Select Store To Pick Up Your Phone


Once you have selected all of the criterion you need, figure out where and when you can pick it up. Unfortunately, demand for the device still is high. Deciding when and where to pick it up can be difficult too.

The upside of this is that the purchasing process for the iPhone 5S is painless and easy. The downside of this is that it may be close to impossible to find one. For curious customers, its still worth a try since Apple could take this down at any moment.

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