iOS 6 vs. iOS 7: New GIF Demonstrates The BIG Difference Between Them


iOS 7 is the new operating system housed on the iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c. iOS 7 premiered at Apple’s developer conference last June with a lot of buzz. From the flat design to the enhanced features, audiences agreed this was a big step up from iOS 6. However if your not impressed, the GIF seen above, courtesy of Gadgetlove, is the best comparison we’ve seen that quickly sums up the difference between both operating systems.

As the image above shifts back and forth between current Apple design exec Jony Ive as former employee Scott Forstall. With the icons changing to match each of their visions for iOS, it becomes abundantly clear how different both systems will be in terms of look. Forstall was axed by Tim Cook from the company for a variety of reasons including famously refusing to apologize for the Apple maps glitch which lead to Ive taking command for iOS 7.

While there are plenty of more reasons as to why iOS 7 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, this GIF is a clever rending of why Ive was important in ushering in a brand new era of iOS and that Forstall’s legacy of green felt and flatness won’t be missed.

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