iOS 7: Apple Releases Software Update Fixing Lock Screen Glitch

One day after iOS 7 was released to the public, a glaring security glitch was found on the lock-screen. This bug gave users easy access to iPhones regardless of passwords and let them use basic features such as e-mails and tweets. Today, Apple has released iOS 7.2 to repair this error. It is now impossible for users to hack iPhones and other Apple devices that are password protected. It also re-introduced a Greek keyboard option for passcode entry that had been previously missing. Watch the video of the glitch above and see if you have any issues afterwards.

The over-the-air update was issued to all models of iPhones, iPads & iPod Touch. I own a 4S and the download process worked perfectly for me. Despite my password, I couldn’t perform the trick Forbes reported on last week. This was just a basic security patch that repaired just one of the many loopholes found in the new software so far. All of my social media profiles were protected and luckily strengthened the security protocols on my device. The download was quick and painless.

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