iOS 7 Bugs & Glitches: iPhone & iPad Owners Report Motion Sickness

ios 7 gif

iOS 7 has been out for a full week with various bugs & glitches being spotted. A new report from The Verge claims that one problematic flaw is still cause some iPhone & iPad owners some issues. The parrallax effect, apps constantly shifting with the screen, have been giving some users strong cases of motion sickness.

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While there is a solution for this found in the settings menu, users seem to find the problem lies in the constant shifting and zooming to read text. Complaints were discovered in an Apple support forum where users claimed various pains and maladies. The Verge also notes that some of these suffering people reached out Appleā€™s support line but the customer service center told them there was no way to fully disable the effect. Unfortunately, most people have resorted to downgrading their phones and tablets back to iOS 6. They explained that this effect was not present in the older version but iOS 7 is still one of the quickest mobile operating systems adopted.

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