iOS 7 Bugs & Glitches: Siri Hacks Locked iPhones To Use Basic Features

iOS 7 bugs are arriving in more frequency since its release last week with another flaw appearing the Apple’s famous personal assistant program Siri.

Business Insider notes that this glitch is found in the iPhone 5 or older. Hold down the home button while the phone is locked and the Siri icon should appear. Provide the software with basic commands like “Facebook” or “Email” and watch menus asking you to compose messages or create a status will show up regardless of password. On my iPhone 4s, I was able to access Facebook and Twitter along with a series of my basic apps like contacts by giving the software simple commands.


Mail was one of the numerous basic features you can access through Siri regardless of a password.

Aaron Barber, the founder of ACB cases, posted a note this morning revealing that the users can utilize these commands to hack the basic features of an iPhone. Despite this apparent security flaw, this trick is very limited since users can’t play games or use more trivial programs.


Telling Siri to bring up “Games” only gave me a web search screen so fortunately you can keep your Candy Crush high score in tact in case you lose your iPhone.

Apple has yet to issue a software update to fix the previous bug that was discovered within the emergency call panel last week but this does raise concerns for owners of older iPhones. The revolutionary new fingerprint scanner housed on the iPhone 5S should ease concerns about security but we’ll hopefully have a solution for this in a few weeks.

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